What should we Ron Paul Supporters do now, Since Mitt Romney got the Nomination?

Since Mitt Romney got Chosen down in Tampa to be the Republican party Nominee for President of the U.S. and all the Ron Paul Delegates got screwed. It's not over quite yet, you can still write in Ron Paul's name on the Ballet in November, but will your vote actually get counted? Probably not, So now the Globalist Bankers got their Puppet to be the Republican party Nominee, how are we going to fight this uphill battle for a Fair Election?


Mitt Romney 2012- Facing Federal Charges For Civil Rights Violations & Election Fraud

How can we stop this Power grab by the GOP Republican party? 

We can stop supporting the Republican party, and just go off on our own. 

We can also start by exposing the Fraud/Criminal/Thief/Lier for who he really is. Which is what i have done here @ this link already: 


2ND: We can continue spreading Ron Paul's message of Peace, Freedom and Liberty, and Teach our Children, friends and Family about the Constitution. 


3RD: This is from the Daily Paul: 

In order for our vote to matter, we must insist upon paper ballots. A lot of people argue that this would take too long, but it would not take too long to hand-count paper ballots from an individual prescinct. If each prescinct hand-counted their ballots in front of a Voter Protection Team AND it was on-camera (that we the people have access to)...imagine how accurate we could have our vote!!!! EVERY single vote would count!!!!!

I am developing a system to ensure an accurate vote. Please take a look at what I have so far and let me know how to improve it. (Either post here or write me at ArtGoddess8 at gmail dotcom)

Thanks....have a great day!!!!

1. Ballots are carbon-copy paper.
The voter marks their selection, keeps a copy, then puts the "original" in the ballot box being watched by volunteers from each campaign.
2. The Voter Protection Team inspects and seals the voting box, keeps it in their sight/control all day, then watch the box be opened and the votes counted in front of them on camera.
3. The Voter Protection Team is comprised of up to two volunteers from each campaign. If any campaign fails to place 2 representatives in a precinct, any voter may fill the spot(s).
4. Anyone may photograph any part of the process, and the Voter Protection Team is ENCOURAGED to film/photograph.
5. The official opening of the voting box will be done in front of the Voter Protection Team AND on camera. The camera will remain uncut until all votes are counted and the original tally sheet is filmed. This is in addition to any filming/photographing done by the VPT.
6. After the votes are tallied in front of the Voter Protection Team, they each get a picture of the original tally sheet to post on the internet. This is the official count for that precinct, and it is available online for any/all voters to see. (The results are not posted until after all polls are closed, and they are posted on an official site for accuracy. The photo(s) will also be released to the general public.)
6. As precinct's report their counts, they are posted on a federal website. This allows us, the voters, to double-check that our precinct was accurately represented at the federal level.
7. On the federal website, it adds the precincts into cities, cities into states, and shows an overall total nation-wide. Anyone may look at the exact vote breakdown-down to each individual precinct This allows us to verify that the reported numbers match our photo of the original precinct tally sheet.
8. No early voting. The longer the process is spread-out, the harder it is to ensure an accurate count.

To summarize:
* The votes are carbon-copy paper so that each voter takes a copy of their vote with them.
* The voter places the original into the voting box, which remains in the care of the Voter Protection team the ENTIRE time. (The representatives watch the box from the time it is sealed until the votes are counted in front of them. This is why there are two people, to allow for breaks.)
* No restrictions shall interfere with ANY candidate's support group's ability to determine their own level of involvement, up to two representatives present all-day at each precinct
* Cameras and the internet allow concerned citizen's to help secure the vote from their own home!
From home, they can double-check precinct photos and compare it to the national reporting for the precinct They can add up precinct to make sure the city/state/national totals add up right....there's a lot that can be done using the internet and cameras to have a truly transparent election!!! Link 

4th: We can share our Resources, Food, Water, Tools, Vehicles, Cloths, Energy, and Medical Supplies with our own Community. Create some sort of CSRC = Community Sharing Resource Center. I know alot of you might not like the idea of Sharing, but that is a very powerful weapon against the Establishment. 


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We can Get these videos out to all the Mitt Romney and Obama Supporters


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