One year after the Sandy Hook Massacre: Evidence of a Cover up is Piling up

SANDY HOOK - The Documentary (FULL VIDEO) 2013 Official from Bigsteelguy on Vimeo.

Here we are in December of 2013, with Gun confiscations at record highs, especially in California and NY. While at the same time, more cops are shooting unarmed innocent people all over the country.

The MSM was pushing this Gun Control through out the entire year, and people believed so much that guns kill people and wanted to have them taken by the state. Schools across the country from Middle to Elementary Schools, Children are getting punished for making hand gestures of guns, or drawing pictures of a gun, or even making a gun shape out of their food. So kids were getting suspended on a daily basis from school. Teachers, and School Administrators were so extremely afraid that another Adam Lanza would enter their school and kill their students. In my opinion schools these days are more like indoctrination camps for kids, and prison training compounds, not real Education Centers like they should be. Anyway the story of Sandy Hook Massacre rippled throughout the nation with sobs, and tears. The Official Story change more times on Dec 14th, than a mother changing a baby's diaper in a month. Don't forget all the donation websites started up for the Family Members, so they can rake in all that money from heart broken people who felt bad for them, even before the event took place. 


For an Example (of some Gun Control) here are few stories you might've missed in 2013.

Gun Grabbers want to ban plastic toy Guns:

New York City Begins Nazi Style Gun Confiscation

Read more:
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Gun Confiscation Has Begun

Cop Caught On Tape Shooting Unarmed Man Won’t Be Charged With A Crime

Ok so you get my point that politicians are pushing to the extreme to confiscate your guns. With all the so called Sandy Hook family members pushing for more increased detailed background checks on individuals who want to own guns. This just shows right off the back that these are paid sell out actors just playing their part for a bigger agenda.


-In this clip above and below, you will hear "There is a Rumor it's fake"

-Enhanced and Slowed Downed

Ok so we got some 9/11 tapes, and there was a police report released last Monday with photographs of Adam Lanza's home, but still no proof, and no evidence a year later of any motive behind the so called Sandy Hook killer. All people got was a Story on National Television. Which if anybody even questions the MSM, and especially the Sandy Hook killings, then you are labeled a sicko, Nut-Job, lunatic, or crazy conspiracy theorist.

Look at some of these Twitter posts:


If there is any indication of what is going on here, with people in this country, you can see that those who question the MSM and don't believe the official story is labeled all sorts of names, from Conspiracy Theorists, Nut-Jobs, Crazy, Sickos, Trolls, and even Crackpots. Ofcourse if you remember my older articles from under a year ago,


That the sad attempts made by the MSM to demonize anyone who questions the authenticity of the official story is slowly not working anymore. Occasionally we do have people, and i mean alot of people in this Country and around the world who still accept that this event actually happened and is real. These people are still hating others who are seeking answers, and the twitter posts above proves this.

Newtown chooses to Demolish the Elementary School and the Public is...

by Huffingtonpost:


NEWTOWN, Conn. -- NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) — Contractors demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School are being required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building where 26 people were fatally shot last December.

Selectman Will Rodgers said officials want to protect the Newtown school where the 20 children and six educators were killed, The News-Times reported ( ).

"It's a very sensitive topic," he said Monday. "We want it to be handled in a respectful way."

Project manager Consigli Construction has barricaded the property and intends to screen the perimeter to prevent onlookers from taking photographs. Full-time security guards will ensure the site is not disturbed.

Families of the victims and school staff visited the site, but public access is barred.

The precautions exceed those at other construction sites, town officials said.

Jim Juliano, a member of the Public Building and Site Commission, said he initially considered whether the heightened precautions might be excessive. But he believes extra vigilance is needed to shield Sandy Hook families and the community from exploitation.

Rodgers said the goal is to ensure the project is managed properly without interference from onlookers or the infliction of more pain on the community.

"Obviously, workers need access to the site, but inasmuch as we have put restrictions on our citizens, we don't really want those who are there somehow releasing information or recounting impressions of the site, given we are trying to move on, so to speak," Rodgers said.

Demolition is set to begin next week and be finished before the Dec. 14 anniversary of the shootings. A new school is expected to open by December 2016. Town voters last month accepted a state grant of $49.3 million to demolish the school and build a new one.

-This is Just an excuse to get rid of the evidence, in my opinion.


Newtown Pleads For Privacy As Sandy Hook Anniversary Looms

-Wait What? Pleads for Privacy? Sounds like they don't want any alternative media attention in Newtown, so no one can ask any questions.

Is it really that hard to believe that our own Government was involved with an Event this big, to create this illusion of Fear into the Public? Is it really hard to see that there is a Cover up going on here in Newtown CONN.? For me there are just way too many questions and not enough answers, but as time goes by, and we head into 2014 with Tyranny increasing 10 fold. More and more of people are waking up to the Truth and beginning to think for themselves. People are beginning to connect dots and make connections more than ever before. Sooner or Later the Truth will surface about what really went down that day on DEC 14th 2012, and those who were involved will Lose all Respect and Trust by the People.


If the Obama Administration along with Eric Holder had anything to do with this False Flag event, you will see a huge Backlash by the Public against them. The reign of Obama will end very quickly. Even though he should have been arrested long ago, for violating his oath in office. For Operation Fast and Furious, For Benghazi-gate, and for the NSA Surveillance-gate.




Also don't forget to Check out "MY FINAL CONCLUSION" of the Sandy Hook Hoax


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