Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama Exposed Big time: American Voters are getting Deceived

In just a Few short Days on NOVEMBER 6TH, Millions of Americans are going to the polls to vote for their favorite candidate. I've already done a few articles already to help wake up the American People.

2012 Election: Obamney vs Robama

Mitt Romney now being Exposed to the public

Barrack Obama has been deceiving the public from the beginning

Greed and Debt: The truth story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Forget your free cell phone, Obama has been screwing the poor

Many of us are being deceived because people focus their time watching the Mainstream media and believing everything that comes out of that tube as truth. Here is a Video which former Governor Jesse Ventura explains the Media black out of 3rd part candidates.

Why Millions of American voters don't know about their 3rd party Candidates

Here's Abby Martin from Breakingtheset "Presidential Puppet show"


Now lets say you love the guy because of his speeches, and what he says. Alot of people can say things and do something totally different. Romney is a 1% man, he works for the Koch Brothers, Wallstreet, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, the Federal Reserve, Big Oil Executives and the Military Industrial Complex.

Why is he hiding his tax returns?  It isn’t likely something as small as paying little taxes, is it?  Or is it something much more dangerous to his goal of being president?

Supported the killing of catholic priest?  Wow, Mitt is a leader in the Mormon Cult that appears to have some connections with the money that allowed people to be murdered?  Is this why we can’t see his tax returns?  Why is it so difficult to let America see your tax returns, Mitt?  UNLESS you are hiding something.

The Rich Mormon named Mitt Romney that wants to be President will tell you ANYTHING to get your vote.  Clearly, we have never witnessed a man that will lie, be exposed and lie again, and again.

Larger and larger coverups are exposed about Mitt Romney in this video.  Watch the entire thing and you will be shocked.

He has actually managed to fool some people into trusting him.  Even Fox News destroyed him during the campaign for Republican nomination.

Mitt Romney is against the elderly, women, minorities, immigrants, big bird (thus our children) and his Mormon religion has clearly put blacks below whites and the holy book that Romney believes is 100 percent true says that people were punished by giving them black skin for being evil.

We do NOT want a racist, lying, cult leader to rule this country.  We do not want Mitt Romney.  If you think George Bush was secretive, Romney is far worse.   Romney will do all he can to  hide information from the public and has demonstrated that while he was governor, having all the hard drives in his administration destroyed when he left office.  What are you hiding Mitt?  Show us your TAX RETURNS.

I wonder, after seeing this video called "Romney exposed" (Down below), what will Romney’s tax returns show us.  What connections will be turned up?

What are you hiding Mitt Romney.

Here's 2 Typical Mitt Romney supporters:

Mitt Romney Exposed documentary and playlist


Millions of people have been drinking the Obama Kool-aid for far too long. If people havn't seen what he's been up to by now and know what he is trying to do, then we all deserve what's coming for us. Like Mitt Romney he works for the big Corporations, Wallstreet, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, Big Oil, Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex.

The unemployment rate has never been higher for any President in the U.S. around 25% and growing.

He has brought a more bigger, militarized police state in the past 3 years.

He has Signed the NDAA into Law, which gives him the power to lock up American Citizens indefinitely without a evidence, or a fair trial.

He has expanded the Patriot Act which gives the power to government agents to spy on American Citizens without warrents.

He's increased the Drone wars, allowing for Innocent civilians to be killed at an increasing rate.

He has been pushing for more Internet Security, and Restrictions to suppress the flow of Information. He has already gotten the FBI to shut down many websites.

The Wealth gap between the Rich and Poor has never been greater in history

He has used the TSA as a goon squad to enforce invasive pat downs at Airports across the Country, using them as pawns for Corporate Interests and Government Intrusions. Soon the TSA will be everywhere from Football Stadiums, Shopping Malls, High School Proms, Road checkpoints and even Movie Theaters. 

He has his own secret Kill List which gives him the power to Assassinate any person American or Foreign without evidence of being a terrorist, and prosecution

There is Alot more that many people are not Aware of.

Obama has got to go. Oust the usurper! Our Dictator and Chief has betrayed the American people repetitiously. And quite frankly, we’re tired of it.

This Obamanation, has brought us TSA groping squads, random TSA VIPR checkpoints on highways, the NDAA with quite detailed provisions allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process, police and military drones are being released over our cities and towns to augment the domestic spy grid courtesy of the repeal the fourth amendment act (the Patriot Act), and according to Defense Secretary Panetta, the executive now seeks international permission from the U.N and NATO as justification to conduct military operations overseas. Last I checked, Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution says only Congress shall have the power to declare war. I guess Obama skipped over that part when he taught (un)constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

In Obama’s own words, he has stated irrevocably, among a crowd of cheering Obamatons, that, “… and i’ve told my administration, we’re going to look every single day, to figure out what we can do, without congress. What can we do, without them…”

Watch the lying, traitorous, rat scumbag, betray us and our elected representatives, with his own words, right here:

Now if you havn't seen the Obama Deception then here it is:

Fall of the Republic

Barrack Obama: the man who fooled the world

Here's your Typical Obama Supporters

Obama Supporters gets shocked about the truth on his policies

There are no Differences between the 2 candidates


Ok so after going through all of that, maybe you still support Both Candidates or one of them. Here's the Deal the Future of our Country and the Human Race is at stake with this Election, and even though many people believe it is Rigged for Mitt Romney to win. You still have the right to vote your conscious and have some what of a real impact in this Election. There are more than just two running for Office, and it is why the Mainstream Media do not want you to Hear about 3rd party Candidates. Maybe you just don't give a Shit about this year's Election and you'd rather just boycott the whole thing. Maybe you don't give a shit about your Children and Family's future. Maybe you just rather Live an ignorant, and disrespectful life. I personally believe we need to move Beyond Government, politics and money, and try to be our own change we wish to see, because most of us already know that Politicians will not solve any problems for the people. There are some decent, caring, respectful, trust worthy politicians out there, like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson but even they may not have all the answers for this Economic disaster we are all in.

It's best to watch this first from RT

Here's the First 3rd Party Presidential Debate in full

The next one is November 5th in Washington D.C.

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