Going Beyond Government, Ron Paul, Politics, & Money

Update: 7.30.2012 

What Democracy? A New show called Culture in Decline by Peter Joseph

Update: 10.7.2012 Economics 101 added to playlist

Ron Paul is a Congressman from Texas, who works wihtin Congress to fight for our Freedoms and Liberties. As i have been a Strong Supporter of Ron Paul for a few years now, i still see that we need to go beyond Politics and Money. 

Also check out my page called "Why Join the RP Movement?"


We have this Strong Nationalistic feeling in America and this belief that Government is always going to be there to Bail us out. The Fact is We the People must bailout one another, and not rely on Big Government to help us or keep us safe. Big Government is the Problem, which is what Ron Paul Says. He Believes in protecting our Borders, Limited Government, End the Fed, End the TSA, End the Drug Wars, Create a Strong National Defense, Cut the Deficit by a Trillion Dollars, and so much more. This is all wonderful and Great but there are Large Corporations like Big Oil, Big PHarma, and Monsanto, continuing to reap in on Profits, and creating a World of Slavery, which comes down to Money.

Money (Check out A Global Resource Based Economy) is the Root Cause of many of our Problems, from the Corruption of Politicians, to even the Wars that are Fought. Money is the tool used to Control the Millions on this planet, to keep the Public poor and in poverty so we can't rise up and fight back against the System. Would having a gold backed currency help with our current problems? Yes, but very Little. What will solve our Problems, is creating a New System/ Government to support the Health of our Environment and the People. A System that Supports the Rights and Liberties of each individual. A Government is suppose to Provide a Structure for people to be lifted up to their full Potential. Meaning People should have Access to the Basic Necessities of Life and not be Constrained, Limited or Restricted to move around freely.

WHEN IT COMES TO PATRIOTISM, many people around the Globe Worship their Flag, worship their Country, but those are just ideas that has come and gone, People are tired of being Separated on this planet by the lines we draw between us every day. We are tired of looking at one another as separate nations. We are one People, and are a Global Family all with the the Same Needs, Same Dreams, Same Hopes and Inspirations. We all want to be Free on this Planet, not just in America or in another part of the World. There are many people out there that Fear Globalization, Fearing that a Global Government will be a Bad thing, it would be if it's not Supporting the Life Structure of  every plant, animal, and Human Being and or supporting a Top 1% of the population. If we are going to worship anything, we must Worship our Earth, as it is our Home, and just because we Draw these Invisible Lines, doesn't make us Different from one another. We need to be more Drawn together and bridge those differences that we have with one another. The More we Judge another Culture in a Negative way, the More we are destroying our own selves, because what happens in one country effects the Entire Planet, it effects Everyone.


Every Day we worry about our Bills, our Jobs, Our Health Care, our Property, our Fortunes, Our Savings, our Families, and our Future, because we don't know what will come around the corner, what will happen to us in this Life. It's great to always be Prepared for any kind of Disaster, flood, or Earthquake. IT's always great to prepare our selves Mentally, PHysically, and Spiritually, but if we don't Look after our common Brothers and Sisters on this planet, then we are doomed to suffer for much longer than we would want to.


In this episode Tyson discusses Ron Paul's presidential run with local activist Matt Wood, Chad Fisher performs his Social Commentary, and the Khan Academy reaches out to students across the web! Skip to 24:50 to hear the Interview.

Ownership vs Accessibility: People are Looking to accumilate more things, more wealth to make them happy. In Time people learn that those things are only temporary and we lose our things either through trade, Disasters, Government theft, or Death. Either way our possessions come and go, even our family and friends. Life is about learning how to Love, how to live Free without any Laws or Limitations. The only reason we need Laws today, is to protect the Established system, to protect certain people and groups from stealing from other people and Groups. Laws are old and are only meant to Control, never to Free. Ask yourself this, are your Feelings in a State of control? No ofcourse not, you can decide how you can feel in any situation.


When I talk about Accessibility, It's about accessing our basic necessities when we need them. Like picking up a pen, pencil, cup or book. Now we still live in a Reality filled with Time and Space, so we have to get the Energy to move from point a to point b to pick up that pen or pencil, but we never think of how that pen, pencil or cup was created. Most things that are created are from natural resources on our planet, and there are Wars that go on for these Resources because of the False Artificial Scarcity we've been acustomed to. The Shadow Elite want us to believe there is not enough Resources to go around for everyone, that there is just not enough food, not enough water, not enough building material, not enough medicine, and the biggest one of all, not enough energy or fuel.


The Earth is Abundant in water, food, fuel and other resources, we just don't know how to manage those resources wisely so everybody has access to them. Today we have politicians give out empty promises and just lie to the public to get their own way. Politicians are meant to support the people and not these giant corporations, but since money is involved in politics, it's clear that the real problem is not politics, it's the Greed of Money and Power. Once we can see the Flawed Political System for what it really is, then we can change it, then move beyond it.


As for Technology: it's Evolving every single day, and will one day be used to serve us instead of destroying us. We created these robotic Drones to spy on people, to shoot at people to gather intel, but we don't use these Drones to drop food, water, or medicines in poverish places.


See the only way we will ever move beyond Money & Politics is to share the Planet with one another, and apply Science & Technology to Social Concern. So we need to use our Technology wisely by automating hard labor jobs, and by giving people a higher standard of living. Freedom will be obtain when People let go of  their Giant Ego's, their Fears, their Limitations and their Nationalistic Beliefs. Freedom will be Obtain when all the Earth's people are feed, Clothed, housed, educated, and heathy. One man cannot do this himself, Only a Strong, Healthy, well informed, and Educated People who work in cooperation, Love & Respect with one another can do this.


Fear, Debt and Money are Mechanisms of Control, and do not support real Growth and Prosperity. This doesn't mean you should not vote for Ron Paul, we still need to support the Man as much as we possibly can. More importantly we need to support one another and the health of our ecosystem.


To learn more about The Venus Project

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And visit The Venus Project webstie 

A Lecture by Peter Joseph called Defining Peace



This is Rap News: A Parody Ron Paul vs Peter Joseph

My TOP 3 Reasons for Supporting Ron Paul to win the Nomination of Presidency
Ofcourse there are more than 3, but these are the most Important.

Reason #3 With the State of our Economic System and the Aggresive Wars that have been going on for Years, it's time for this Country to Stay out of the Business of attacking other countries for OIL and Profit.
Our Society is going Down Hill because of the Federal Reserve printing up Fiat Money and giving our children a Future of Despair and Suffering. Ron Paul would  End the FED and bring back a Gold Standard. He would also End all these Illegal Wars across the World that are creating more pain in Suffering for the people in these countries, but also hurting my own Family at the same time.

Reason #2 Every day our Freedoms are being taken away by the Corporate United States Government, they want to get into our business and threaten our way of life, our liberty, and our Privacy, whether that would be TSA Pat Downs @Airports or Security Checkpoints every where we look. No other Candidate is talking about this, or even have a solution to this. Ron Paul will End the TSA, DOJ, and many others that Harm our Civil Liberties.

Reason #1 Ron Paul has been extremely Honest to the American People, he has warned us from the beginning of the coming economic collapse, the Debt situation and how Government has been too out of Control. The Man is a Doctor and has cared for many patients, he has never voted against the Constitution, and has never took Large Contributions from Big banks like Goldman Sachs. He is not a Bankers Puppet. He is a Man of Integrity, Compassion, Honesty, and Truth.
Not many politicians have those kinds of qualities. Ron Paul would be the Best Candidate to bring Peace and Prosperity to the Land of America, and probably at the same time help the World by Spreading his message of Freedom, peace and Liberty.

Now We must Remember it's not just the man that we must Support, it's the Idea's he brings with him that we should share together.
The Revolution Starts in the hearts of Men and Women who truly want Real Positive change within their Lives, who are willing to Sacrifice their Daily Mundane Activities in working to Bring a Better World for themselves and their Children. Getting Ron Paul Elected as President is one of those first few steps for helping us out of a path to Self Destruction and Deeper Enslavement

As for after that, WE must focus on Providing the Basic Necessities of Life to every man/woman and Child, without any Obligation or Force.  (Ofcourse we must focus on this Now, not just in the Future)
People need Access to Housing, Food/Water, Clothing, Education, Healthcare, Transportation and Energy, so we can eliminate the Stress, Fear and Frustration of many People,  then we can focus our efforts onto other really amazing projects to bring more happiness and Freedom to Everyone in this world.
Ron Paul could be that Transitional President to help move us towards a RBE in time, but still we must Shift our Beliefs and change the way we see everything to ever get into a more Peaceful, Loving, and Abundant Reality. Things will not Happen overnight, but if we take one hour of our time each week spreading knowledge and information around to our family members and Friends then we could see things change faster than we expected. We can't just sit back and allow ourselves to be Victims anymore, we must take back our responsibility to motivate and help other people get involved with contributing to their society.

A Great Man has said, "The Only Limitations we have, is those which we impose upon our Selves" Jacque Fresco


Going Beyond Government, Ron Paul, Politics & Money Part 2

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