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Basic Living Income for Everyone: Would this help change the World Economy?

An unconditional basic income (also called basic income, basic income guarantee, universal basic income, universal demogrant,[1] or citizen’s income) is a proposed system[2] of…


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RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY: The Solution for our World's Economic Problems

From the amount of suffering that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet, with all the Wars that have been fought over land, and resources. From Energy Crisis, to a Food Crisis, Water Crisis, and our Debt Crisis. It's getting more and more obvious to people that the World Economy is becoming more unstable by the day. The Global Economy is crumbling right before our eyes, because the whole System is not working anymore. Well…


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Sharing the World with One Another would Increase our Wealth by 3000%

Yes that's right, all 7 Billion people on this planet could increase their wealth by 10 to 30 times more, if we just shared everything.

Many people these days do not like the Idea of Sharing, they prefer Monetary Exchange over Sharing. They prefer barter over sharing why? because Sharing…


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Sharing the Planet with one another is Vital to our Survival

There have been many documentaries made out there, like Zeitgeist Addendum, and Zeitgeist Moving Forward to help provide solutions and ideas on which direction we need…


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The Venus Project vs Communism: To help you understand the differences

I have to start out by saying Communism is not the same, and has been done before Which a Resource Based Economy has never been tried before.

Communism has









Nuclear weapons


A Resource Based Economy

There are No Nuclear weapons

NO military

No Banks

No Government

No currency

No… Continue

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Benefits of a Resource Based Economy: Part 2


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Benefits of a Resource Based Economy

You can see part 2 here

It's 17 min… Continue

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