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Billions will be out of Work by the year 2025 (2)

A Video was released this morning, which i had to respond to. 

Yes the Bilderberg group has plans to enslave human beings using machines, and yes they want to…


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The Harsh Truth about the IRS, State and Federal Income Tax that Everyone needs to Know

Well it's that time of year again, the Season of paying taxes. Giving your hard earned money to the IRS, State and Local Governments across the country. When some man or woman  wants to forcefully rape you in the ass "metaphorically" but logically you would defend yourself and fight back against such a sexual predator, but in our Tax system for some people it's ok for the government to forcefully steal your hard earned money, because you believe it is the right thing to do, or you may…


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Billions will be out of Work by the year 2025

If you are fortunate enough to have a job in America today, the phrase "just over broke" probably describes you.  Yes, there are a handful of jobs that certainly pay very well, but most Americans that work for somebody else are just barely making it from month to month.  More than half of all working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and more than half of all…


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Work vs Voluntarism: Could we truly live free without Forced Labor?

In America, Millions of American citizens work on average 40 to 45 hours a week, and some people work 2 to 3 Jobs just to make ends meet.

Currently the work week is 40 hours, anything over that is called overtime. Some companies pay double over 50. That is a lot of time for…


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RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY: The Solution for our World's Economic Problems

From the amount of suffering that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet, with all the Wars that have been fought over land, and resources. From Energy Crisis, to a Food Crisis, Water Crisis, and our Debt Crisis. It's getting more and more obvious to people that the World Economy is becoming more unstable by the day. The Global Economy is crumbling right before our eyes, because the whole System is not working anymore. Well…


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Sharing the World with One Another would Increase our Wealth by 3000%

Yes that's right, all 7 Billion people on this planet could increase their wealth by 10 to 30 times more, if we just shared everything.

Many people these days do not like the Idea of Sharing, they prefer Monetary Exchange over Sharing. They prefer barter over sharing why? because Sharing…


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Why Being Poor makes it harder for you to get out of Poverty?

Article By

It’s a counter intuitive idea to say the least, but…


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2014: Death of the American Dream

The AD means different things to many people, and has many interpretations, but here's the definition from wikipedia:

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United…


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100 Years of the Federal Reserve: The Biggest Cancer to the American People's economic well being

Dec 23rd, marked the 100 year anniversery of fiat printing by the Federal Reserve.

On Dec. 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Owen Glass Act, creating the Federal Reserve. As we note its centennial, what has the Fed accomplished during the last 100 years?…


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The Obsession for Power and Wealth in our 3D Universe

Millions of people are obsessed for power and control, they will do whatever it takes to obtain such power. That could be lie, cheat, steal, and or deceive. WE all live in a world of Secrecy for the benefit of a Few who wish to dominate the  Masses. Some of you have heard of the New World Order or Illuminati, and Yes they do exist, and yes they are very much in control in many ways. But this article is about the rest of us who are also Obsessed with Power and Control.

How do…


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Black Friday: A Day of Madness - When Shoppers act like Animals

Update 12.8.12: Black Friday Christmas? 

Every year around this time after Thanksgiving people go to the stores so they can find that special Deal, pushing, hitting, and…


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Sharing the Planet with one another is Vital to our Survival

There have been many documentaries made out there, like Zeitgeist Addendum, and Zeitgeist Moving Forward to help provide solutions and ideas on which direction we need…


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How this Old Financial System is Destroying Human Relationships

A System based under using a Medium of Exchange (Money) has been one of the major causes of destroying major relationships. Marriages fall apart in a matter of a few short years. With all the Stresses and frustration money brings to a couples relationship, we can see how life can be…


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A Future We all truly Deserve

A free online documentary created by The Venus Project. Original music by Carly Paradis (…


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War with Iran: Follow the Money



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I Will have to direct you to see these clips

1ST: WALLSTREET - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

2ND: The Struggling Middle Class

3RD: Police State - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura…


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Zday 2010 Live event from NYC

Streaming Video by… Continue

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The Reasons why we go along with this Monetary system

The world of business, Consumption, industry and trade has been what we've been used to for many many years.

We are afraid to venture into new territory and learn new things, and new ways of living. We tend to not let go of our ways of bartering and trading, when mainly we can just open our hearts, and arms and share our skills and knowledge with one another, as well as goods and services.

We all have this distrust in us from one another. We don't know if someone is trying to… Continue

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What would our incentive be if there was No money? BEST EXPLANATION


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