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A Universal Basic Living Income could help solve the Global Economic Meltdown

This Dutch city is offering residents a universal 'basic income' - here's why it could work


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2025: Visions of a Super High Tech Future from Microsoft

Alot of people are talking about the big announcement of the Galaxy S6 and ofcourse smartphones have been around for the past few years, but they have come a long way. As it seems the S6 is the talk of the world right now, many people are not aware of what is happening, and how fast technology…


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Technology: Used for our own Empowerment or Enslavement?

Here's a video clip from Microsoft over a year ago, and i personally do support the good positive changes coming from Microsoft, but they are not a perfect, loving, caring company quite…


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RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY: The Solution for our World's Economic Problems

From the amount of suffering that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet, with all the Wars that have been fought over land, and resources. From Energy Crisis, to a Food Crisis, Water Crisis, and our Debt Crisis. It's getting more and more obvious to people that the World Economy is becoming more unstable by the day. The Global Economy is crumbling right before our eyes, because the whole System is not working anymore. Well…


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Sharing the World with One Another would Increase our Wealth by 3000%

Yes that's right, all 7 Billion people on this planet could increase their wealth by 10 to 30 times more, if we just shared everything.

Many people these days do not like the Idea of Sharing, they prefer Monetary Exchange over Sharing. They prefer barter over sharing why? because Sharing…


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2014: Death of the American Dream

The AD means different things to many people, and has many interpretations, but here's the definition from wikipedia:

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United…


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The Rise of Machines: Technological Unemployment will increase World Wide

Think You're Special? A Robot Could Do Your Job

Posted by FastCoexist

Technology is advancing so fast that half of…


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Black Friday and Thursday, The days of Crazy Shoppers

Black Friday History

For millions of people Black Friday is the time to do some serious Christmas shopping --even before the last of…


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The Economy is not Getting any Better here in America and Here's Why

How can anyone not see that the U.S. economy is collapsing all around us?  It just astounds me when people try to tell me that “everything is just fine” and that “things are getting better” in America.  Are there people out there that are really that blind?  If you want to see the economic collapse, just open up your eyes and look around you.  By almost every economic and financial measure, the U.S. economy has been steadily declining for many years.  But most Americans are so tied into “the…


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Rise of the Machines: What if Robots took all of our Jobs? Part 2

Read Part 1 first

Will a robot take your job?  We have entered a period in human history when technology is advancing at an exponential rate.  In…


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Updated 2.7.2013

Part 2 is Finished


Imagine that 7 out of 10 working Americans got fired tomorrow. What would they all do?…


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A Future We all truly Deserve

A free online documentary created by The Venus Project. Original music by Carly Paradis (…


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A New Global Economic Restructuring

James Martinez reads a statement from representatives of a new global currency that is being announced and slowly integrated into our consciousness as a way to end the tyranny of the current banking systems.

A New Global Economic Restructuring:

Conscious Media Network has been approached by a representative of global leaders and…


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I Will have to direct you to see these clips

1ST: WALLSTREET - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

2ND: The Struggling Middle Class

3RD: Police State - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura…


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The Reasons why we go along with this Monetary system

The world of business, Consumption, industry and trade has been what we've been used to for many many years.

We are afraid to venture into new territory and learn new things, and new ways of living. We tend to not let go of our ways of bartering and trading, when mainly we can just open our hearts, and arms and share our skills and knowledge with one another, as well as goods and services.

We all have this distrust in us from one another. We don't know if someone is trying to… Continue

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Looking forward E-book now being narrated by Aaron

If you still havn't read LOOKING FORWARD pleas do so.

The file is located in the Downloads

If you don't want to Read it, i'm posting up the Narration of the E-book in the Music player located on Front of the website.

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Z-Day 2009 from New York main event Q&A with Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and Peter Joseph

Just in case you missed it from last… Continue

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What would our incentive be if there was No money? BEST EXPLANATION


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