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Dear Interconnectedness

There is but one thing of which I am positively sure of. That life exists. It has been a common trait of the mind to think that death is the only thing in which we can be surely certain. But

honestly, death as a process is really the one thing we know the least

about. However, we do know that there is life. We live it, pretend it,

covet it and even die for it.

And this life is all about us. And our intent to live. And if we do…

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The Power of Intent

Please note that the intent and desire to hold and create your world is extraordinary, and incomprehensible at times.

We would like at this time to share our perception with you, regarding our ideas of your intent in creating

this reality. Please note that everywhere in our universe there is

specialization. The creation…

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Corporatocracy Systematically Destroying the Way of life here in America

Article located here

The biggest scam of the century is making a full conclusion with this deep recession. What made America the envy of the entire world, a strong and vibrant middle class, is being quickly…


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Zeitgeist Undebunked by Peter Joseph and Acharya S. 9/09/09

Listen to the entire show here

Peter Joseph and Acharya S. went ahead and undebunked the entire Zeitgeist film along with Zeitgeist Addendum

For anyone New to the Movement or is still has so much hatred towards the Movement because your belief system has been ripped under your feet, i highly suggest listening to this show.

Both Films are… Continue

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The Reasons why we go along with this Monetary system

The world of business, Consumption, industry and trade has been what we've been used to for many many years.

We are afraid to venture into new territory and learn new things, and new ways of living. We tend to not let go of our ways of bartering and trading, when mainly we can just open our hearts, and arms and share our skills and knowledge with one another, as well as goods and services.

We all have this distrust in us from one another. We don't know if someone is trying to… Continue

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Lead by example to your kids

You don’t want your kid to undergo from early tooth decay, right? Much more have a bridge, or crown in their teeth prematurely. So, as a parent it’s best to encourage your children to brush regularly. But take my advice, don’t force them. I learned it the hard way. Instead of my kid following my rules and advice, he lost interest in following at all.

So, lead by example. A good thing to do…


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Looking forward E-book now being narrated by Aaron

If you still havn't read LOOKING FORWARD pleas do so.

The file is located in the Downloads

If you don't want to Read it, i'm posting up the Narration of the E-book in the Music player located on Front of the website.

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Z-Day 2009 from New York main event Q&A with Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and Peter Joseph

Just in case you missed it from last… Continue

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