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Black Friday: The Day Greed Takes Over

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since the early 2000s, it has been regarded as the beginning of the …


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Kaitlyn Roig - Surviving Sandy Hook story is Absolute Lies

Studio Ten did an interview of the woman who supposedly according to MSM saved 15 kids from being murdered in the Sandy Hook school killings by Adam Lanza as we are lead to believe, but if you are like me and millions of others who have done extensive research have learned these people are out for an Agenda, and to collect money from dumb, ignorant, and brainwashed people. …


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We Have The Tools To Fix it ALL

Many P Hall : ” the human body is identical in law, identical in principals, differing only in magnitude,….the human being himself plays the role of the Sun ”

And every planet in the Solar System…

We are Microcosmic in a Macrocosm…We as human beings are the mirror…


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The Roanoke Shooting Fully Exposed as a Staged Hoax

On Wednesday the morning of August 26th, America witness a so called shooting on live TV, of Journalist Allison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward, it was extremely shocking and horrific to many people, unless you are very consciously aware of discrepancies within the story and all the other interviews that…


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A Universal Basic Living Income could help solve the Global Economic Meltdown

This Dutch city is offering residents a universal 'basic income' - here's why it could work


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Should people worry about Wifi Sense & Hello in Windows 10?

Every new Windows release brings its own sudden explosions of FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

It used to be that competitors were the one responsible for sowing FUD. These days, it's the tech press.

For this week's launch of Windows 10, the primary FUD factor is one…


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4th of JULY: A Celebration of our Enslavement in America

Next Saturday is the 4th of July, as millions of American people get out their lawn chairs, light up their grills, and break open some cold ones to sit in front of some fireworks. Most people today are not aware of how many laws there are in this country.…


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Everything you need to Know about The Charleston Church Shooting Hoax

You can visit the Official website right here:

What we are led to believe, According to official reports on June 17th, a young man entered a church in Charleston S.C. and opened fire, killing…


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Billions will be out of Work by the year 2025 (2)

A Video was released this morning, which i had to respond to. 

Yes the Bilderberg group has plans to enslave human beings using machines, and yes they want to…


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Guns are not the Cause of Mass Shootings

The world today as most people see it, is a very chaotic, and violent place. It's not filled with Rainbows, Butterflies and Angels, but psychopaths and monsters. Every day or even every week the Corporate MSM is showing some mass shooting story on the news, just like the so called Charleston Church massacre or…


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RISE OF THE MACHINES 4: Synthetic Humanoid Robots

Our Future is very much unknown to us, & we have many fears still to this day of machines taking over the world and killing off all life as we know it. IF you havn't been paying attention for the past 5 years, then you are extremely lost in the dark to how far we already are with technology,…


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Why is Nudity such Taboo in America?

All over the world there are statues of naked men & women, as it is a form of art, yet many people in society tend to not like anyone who is unclothed or partially clothed even if it is a statue. For some odd reason, many people just don't like seeing someone naked, even themselves looking in the mirror. In some…


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Autonomous Cars: Reliable or Dangerous?

Alot ot people are beginning to talk about self driving cars in the mainstream these days, and many people do have major concerns when it comes to Autonomous vehicles. Over 100 years ago we used horses and buggies to get…


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Macs vs Windows PCs: Which is the better choice?

I'm a big Tech geek and i enjoy technology, so i felt like writing about this topic.

These are 5 reasons why Windows PCs are so much better than Macbook Pros

  1. Cheaper computers, some Windows machines like the Surface Pro 3, is a little expensive, but compared to Macbook pros, they…

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2025: Visions of a Super High Tech Future from Microsoft

Alot of people are talking about the big announcement of the Galaxy S6 and ofcourse smartphones have been around for the past few years, but they have come a long way. As it seems the S6 is the talk of the world right now, many people are not aware of what is happening, and how fast technology…


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The Department of Motor Vehicles is a Corrupt Agency

Most of us love automobiles, and we love to travel, but when it comes to our registration and continuing on with paying the DMV just so we can put a sticker every year on our license plate, it normally becomes a hassle, and can be extremely stressful. Especially when they tell you that your breaking the law for…


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That's a big NO, in my opinion. The big Corporations like Comcast, Verizon, Google, and AT&T do want to make more money, but giving the Government power to control the internet will not turn out really good, and will not protect the freedom of the average American citizen.

A video which was launched…


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Huffpost & MSM out in Full Force Vaccination Propaganda Campaign

All across America over Social networks, forums, and message boards. The debate about vaccines have heated up in the past couple of weeks, and this is all due to a so called measles outbreak in Disneyland California. Millions of people are discussing and debating what is truth from lie and what is fact from fiction.



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Technology: Used for our own Empowerment or Enslavement?

Here's a video clip from Microsoft over a year ago, and i personally do support the good positive changes coming from Microsoft, but they are not a perfect, loving, caring company quite…


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The Harsh Truth about the IRS, State and Federal Income Tax that Everyone needs to Know

Well it's that time of year again, the Season of paying taxes. Giving your hard earned money to the IRS, State and Local Governments across the country. When some man or woman  wants to forcefully rape you in the ass "metaphorically" but logically you would defend yourself and fight back against such a sexual predator, but in our Tax system for some people it's ok for the government to forcefully steal your hard earned money, because you believe it is the right thing to do, or you may…


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