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What is Agenda 21?

Have you ever heard of Agenda 21?  If not, don’t feel bad, because most Americans haven’t.  It is essentially a blueprint for a “sustainable world” that was introduced at the UN Conference on…


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The Real Truth behind Earth Day & Earth Hour

Every year on April 22nd, people around the world try to recycle and think about the Earth. Many people like to plant trees and gardens. It's a wonder why we even bother having it a holiday, because Earth Day should be like Every day. The Question we need to ask our selves is why are we not caring for our Environment 365 days a year? Why are we polluting the land we live on? IT's because of our Consumer based lifestyles. It's Because of our War Driven Culture. We are always at war with some…


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A List of 97 Taxes, Americans must pay every year

If you are like most Americans, paying taxes is one of your pet peeves.  The deadline to file your federal taxes is coming up, and this year Americans will spend more than 7 billion hours preparing their taxes and will hand over…


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RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY: The Solution for our World's Economic Problems

From the amount of suffering that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet, with all the Wars that have been fought over land, and resources. From Energy Crisis, to a Food Crisis, Water Crisis, and our Debt Crisis. It's getting more and more obvious to people that the World Economy is becoming more unstable by the day. The Global Economy is crumbling right before our eyes, because the whole System is not working anymore. Well…


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The Real Truth behind the NWO & Illuminati

There are many people all over the world who talk about this NWO (No we're not talking about wrestling), does it exist or not? Well through my heavy research, i've found my answers, this is probably the best explanation of the NWO. First look in your wallet and pull out a Dollar bill. Read the fine print "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" Which means "NEW WORLD ORDER" Then watch this video clip:…


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Are we really being visited by Extraterrestrial Beings?

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Throughout the many years of secrecy and disinformation. The Mass public has been going through a huge stage of denial. The Truth is sometimes stranger than the Non-truth. Government's around the world have been working very hard to keep the existence of Alien Visitation a secret for centuries, through massive cover-ups…


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What is Wrong with Police in America?

From my perspective of America, this is definitely not the land of the free, home of the brave, it's the land of the Control Freaks, and Home of the Slaves.

In the old days, when you called the police to your home to settle a dispute, they (cops) were there to help serve and protect you, & to help people catch real criminals who threaten our way of life. Well…


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Eva Fidjeland´s Innovative Style of Digital Art

Eva Fidjeland´s  Innovative Style of Digital Art

Eva Fidjeland’s Innovative Style of Digital Art Posted by Online Art Gallery on February 23, 2014 at 8:05pm by Dominic Richardson, writer/editor at Art Bracket LLC…


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Why are people so Blind to the Truth? & Don't Care for it?

All truths are easy to understand once you discover them, but first you have to discover them

What are the three stages? "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -- Arthur Schopenhauer…


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The Dumbing Down of Society: Idiocracy in Real Life

A few years ago a movie called Idiocracy was released, which depicted a dystopian future, of how Dumb society has gotten, and how the world is filled with idiots. This was only a preview of how much worse things can get.…


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End of the World is Near: More like the End of an Age is near

End-of-the-world scenarios rivet attention whether emanating from Hollywood, religion, international conflicts, natural disasters or financial downturns. They are so ancient and universal that the doomsday idea pops up in folktales from many cultures. Historians and news reporters have recorded apocalyptic predictions since the beginning of the first millennium through the failed "rapture" of May 21, 2011.…


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IRS is preparing to go after American Tax payers with Fines & Fees Because of Obamacare


The IRS is fully prepared to go after the American people if they neglect their “shared responsibility” under Obamacare, the government enforced mandate designed to enrich large insurance corporations and degrade the quality of…


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Sandy Hook Massacre & Boston Bombing Revisited: Were these really Giant Hoaxes?

Many millions of people around the World have been so used to watching the Mainstream News and believing every story that has ever been produced. Most people never even questions or investigates these stories, because they may not care, or they may be too busy doing something else. Most people in America are…


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The Real Truth about Valentines Day

People these days Enjoy being with someone they care about, and there is nothing wrong with that. We all love our little attachment games we like creating in our minds with our partners. Because we feel lonely in our lives if we aren't in some type of relationship. Love can mean many different things to many different…


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Sharing the World with One Another would Increase our Wealth by 3000%

Yes that's right, all 7 Billion people on this planet could increase their wealth by 10 to 30 times more, if we just shared everything.

Many people these days do not like the Idea of Sharing, they prefer Monetary Exchange over Sharing. They prefer barter over sharing why? because Sharing…


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OPPOSITE WORLDS: A New TV Reality show - (Space Age vs the Stone Age)

Normally i don't watch TV programming anymore, but i heard about this new show which i had to write about.

Here's the Trailer:

Many of you might not really care too…


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Super Bowl XLVIII & the NFL Exposed: How the NFL is Screwing over it's Fans

On Feb 2nd 2014, Millions of Americans will be sitting in front of their Giant TV's watching the big Event. Some people will be visiting NY to go through extreme tight security, with TSA pat downs just to get into the Stadium so to watch the big Game. There will be tons of media there, and it will be one…


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Why Being Poor makes it harder for you to get out of Poverty?

Article By

It’s a counter intuitive idea to say the least, but…


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2014 TAX REVOLT: Time to Stop paying TAXES & Filing a Return every year

Top 10 Reasons why you should not pay your Income Tax

1. It's your Damn Money, You worked hard for it and you earned it. There is no Law stating that you must pay…


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The Mass Media Deception Across America

Over 85% of Americans owns a TV or have used to own a TV once in their lives. Many people get their News from Msnbc, Fox, CNN, ABC, and CBS for a very long time.


  • Does the…

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