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Why is Nudity such Taboo in America?

All over the world there are statues of naked men & women, as it is a form of art, yet many people in society tend to not like anyone who is unclothed or partially clothed even if it is a statue. For some odd reason, many people just don't like seeing someone naked, even themselves looking in the mirror. In some…


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Autonomous Cars: Reliable or Dangerous?

Alot ot people are beginning to talk about self driving cars in the mainstream these days, and many people do have major concerns when it comes to Autonomous vehicles. Over 100 years ago we used horses and buggies to get…


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Macs vs Windows PCs: Which is the better choice?

I'm a big Tech geek and i enjoy technology, so i felt like writing about this topic.

These are 5 reasons why Windows PCs are so much better than Macbook Pros

  1. Cheaper computers, some Windows machines like the Surface Pro 3, is a little expensive, but compared to Macbook pros, they…

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2025: Visions of a Super High Tech Future from Microsoft

Alot of people are talking about the big announcement of the Galaxy S6 and ofcourse smartphones have been around for the past few years, but they have come a long way. As it seems the S6 is the talk of the world right now, many people are not aware of what is happening, and how fast technology…


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The Department of Motor Vehicles is a Corrupt Agency

Most of us love automobiles, and we love to travel, but when it comes to our registration and continuing on with paying the DMV just so we can put a sticker every year on our license plate, it normally becomes a hassle, and can be extremely stressful. Especially when they tell you that your breaking the law for…


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That's a big NO, in my opinion. The big Corporations like Comcast, Verizon, Google, and AT&T do want to make more money, but giving the Government power to control the internet will not turn out really good, and will not protect the freedom of the average American citizen.

A video which was launched…


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Huffpost & MSM out in Full Force Vaccination Propaganda Campaign

All across America over Social networks, forums, and message boards. The debate about vaccines have heated up in the past couple of weeks, and this is all due to a so called measles outbreak in Disneyland California. Millions of people are discussing and debating what is truth from lie and what is fact from fiction.



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Technology: Used for our own Empowerment or Enslavement?

Here's a video clip from Microsoft over a year ago, and i personally do support the good positive changes coming from Microsoft, but they are not a perfect, loving, caring company quite…


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The Harsh Truth about the IRS, State and Federal Income Tax that Everyone needs to Know

Well it's that time of year again, the Season of paying taxes. Giving your hard earned money to the IRS, State and Local Governments across the country. When some man or woman  wants to forcefully rape you in the ass "metaphorically" but logically you would defend yourself and fight back against such a sexual predator, but in our Tax system for some people it's ok for the government to forcefully steal your hard earned money, because you believe it is the right thing to do, or you may…


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Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: Should we fear A.I.?

What's more dangerous A.I.? or Human Intelligence? You guessed it, Human Intelligence. People these days fear Artificial Intelligence, and fear of a robotic apocalypse, but really human beings that are greedy for power and money are the ones who are destroying people's freedom of expression, hopes…


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2015: A Year of Massive Uprisings, Technological Advances, and New Ideas

2014 brought us a lot of sneak peeks at what is to come for 2015, and if there is any indication that people around America and the World are beginning to get tired of all these systems. People are sick of the Monetary System, Justice System, Banking System, Education System, Political system and the…


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With the recent protests taking place all across the country over the shooting of Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice, and the choking of Eric Gardner, the outrage of Police Brutality is at an all time high. It is now escalating in certain places  as some of these young kids are using violence out of revenge & rage on these cops. Another shooting of a Teenager "Antonio Martin" took place the other night by an officer right outside of Ferguson Mo, who was accused of shoplifting, but authorities…


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Sandy Hook Hoax: 2 Years Later, the Crisis Actors are Running Scared

The biggest and most powerful Documentary on the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax has been released a few short weeks ago, and is making a huge splash in the online community. It is racking up thousands of views very quickly and it is the main reason why these Sandy Hook Liers are freaking out. As this film…


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Christmas: The Greed for More Things this Holiday Season is out of Control

For most people, Christmas is all about the presents. But how did such a supposedly sacred holiday become a festival of greed? Not many people know the history behind Christmas gift giving, and it will probably shock you. This year, Americans will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of…


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Net Neutrality vs Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and the Federal Government

Every day millions of American people rely on Internet access to get the Information they need, & it has been a game changer on how we formulate ideas, and how we can communicate with people all across the world. It is a tool for us to learn new skills, and develop new technologies, but the same…


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Thanksgiving and the Day After: Our Shopping Addiction gone Wild

Every year in November we gather in groups, with our friends, and families to sit around the table, and feast for the anniversary of the unity between Pilgrims and Indians. It is a time to be thankful for what we have, and to reflect on life, but the Day after is Black Friday, a day where people line up…


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On Sep 9th: Apple announced its payment product, Apple Pay,  and it was immediately touted by JP Morgan Chase’s Chief Financial Officer Marianne…


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The Ebola Outbreak Epidemic Fully Exposed: It's a Big HOAX!

Millions of people turn on their TV's and or Computers and are seeing news articles/videos about this whole Ebola Outbreak. The CDC keeps…


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Pink Ribbons Inc. Fully Exposed: Using Hope to Sell Products

Millions of people around the World are still suffering to this day because of having different forms of cancer. It is a war the human race has been waging for a very long time. Fortunately the mass public has been left in the dark from the real truth, that many cures are already out there for these diseases. One of these cures is called Hemp oil, that can be extracted from Marijuana plants.…


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Rise of the Machines 3: 2025 End of the Human Work Force

Robots have loomed over the future of labor for…


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