I created this website on the sole purpose of uniting people in America and Around the World to learn new Possibilities to create a Paradise on Earth. A Social Network to post whatever you would like according the Rules.

Why is it Important to seek the truth?

  Everyday our world is Changing either for the better or for the worse, but in other parts of the world people are living on $2 a day to keep a standard of living just a bit over survival. The Banks, the Corporations, and Political Leaders are not here to fix the world's problems, they are the world's problems. The Military Industrial complex has extremely caused tons of destruction, diseases, death's, and anger for billions of people. We are never told the truth about the state of the world, because we are under a entire controlled mechanism called the Monetary system that creates all sorts of fear, crime, corruption, abuse, prostitution, secrets, hate, and division. The system we are in today does not make or help this civilization to grow and be productive. It is only in place to enslave mankind, and to create large amounts of profits for a small group of elitist people. The good news we have an opportunity for billions of people to unite and form a global coalition against hunger, starvation, hatred, corruption, deceptive leaders and crime. Where we the people can create a world that is far beyond what we can ever comprehend today, but we must take action now not tomarrow to change the world. Our children deserve a better future and so do we. We must organize, share, teach,  help and take care of one another in these troubled times.We all do not wish to see anymore suffering in this world, so "WE MUST BECOME THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD". Only the Truth will set us free and guide us towards Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.


Why do i speak about other topics? like False Flags, Mass Shooting Hoaxes, IRS, The Federal Reserve, Ron Paul, Politics, Geo-Engineering Weather manipulation, UFO's and ET Disclosure, or Health? Probably because in a world of lies, we cannot have a free, abundant and sustainable world without people knowing the truth of what's going on. There is alot to learn and  understand, even though this site is about solutions and opening people up to other possibilities, there is still more to know and learn. There is so much corruption, lies and deception, because people are greedy for power, money, and control, those types of people don't want Humanity to be Free, and to Live peacefully.  WE have these types of people in every aspect of our society. Everything should be up in the tabs, Knowledge Base, and Blogs, along with some of the media. IF you get lost or can't find your way ask another member for help or myself.


Transparency and Justice must be our main priority if we are ever going to move forward in our reality. The up Liftment of all man/womankind should be our biggest priority. Meaning food, water, free and renewable energy, housing healthcare, education, communication and transportation available for all people without a price tag.

Why do you post things about America in the Blogs? Mainly because I personally live in that Country, and for one person it's difficult to keep up with all the stuff that is happening on a Global scale. So I get into topics like Big Government, Tyranny, Corruption, False Flags and even the President. I post information about these in the Blog section. You are very welcome to Subscribe and follow my posts. This site is more about the Whole World, but that's why there is a Forum and other features that allow members from all over the world to post what is going on in their side of the planet. Overall the website is an Information Hub for communicating valuable knowledge, Truth, and Understanding. It is also a way to make new friends whether that be in your small neighborhood, or on the other side of the world.

 Not to be confused with a New World Order

"The title of this website is just a title of the network, it is not to replace The Venus Project or the name a Resource Based Economy, please visit the Q&A for a more detailed reason behind my decision. " This site is more Anti-NWO than anything, and that is why I came up with the name A New World Society. IF you don't know what Society means, then look on the home page. The NWO is more about establishing control over the population, and that's we want to create a world of Freedom and Abundance, but with Responsibilities.

This Network is for anyone interested in a new way of living, It doesn't matter what your background is or where you came from, here you can get educated, share ideas, gain wisdom,  watch films & documentaries,  or meet new and incredible friends. There is no pressure for anyone to join, and i truly don't like force at all, so this site is about how you want to make it.


I will do my best to keep everyone up and informed with current developments and news articles regarding the current monetary system and The Economic, Political situation. If any one has any questions that are not listed in the Q&A i will be glad to answer them all. Visit the News tab at the top to keep up to date, or Subscribe to the RSS Feed for the Blog.

Nobody is left behind and everyone will be helped in one way or another. There are no rules, except NO SPAM, that is it. I will eliminate your membership if you spam others. I want to make this site Free and Open to everyone. So please don't ruin it for everyone else.

Thank you!

For New Members:






Rules and Guidelines:

I don't have much rules or guidelines, just don't spam, upload porn or violent material.


Take some time to go over some of the information in the Notes area, where i've posted alot of info from consumerism, the monetary system to technological unemployment and 9/11 evidence. If it is too much of an Over load just take your time going through it. I'm sure your going to find alot of information that will help you with sharing knowledge, truth, and wisdom. It is all not perfect and is being updated on a bi weekly to weekly basis. 

Please check out the q&a list and ways to get involved listing to help you along. 

So Enjoy this site, it will be updated on a constant basis, mainly the blog but much more info will be posted and updated. Tons of documentaries and films are all in the video bar.


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