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Ways to help and get Involved, A resource based economy will not happen over night but over a period of time, depending on us, depending on what we are doing to make this happen. The faster we get off our couches and turn off the tv, the faster we stop playing video games, and the faster we wake up, A Resource Based Economy can happen extremely fast.

What is the very first thing you can do before Education? Well you can start looking yourself in the mirror and see yourself as an equal to all life. See your self as beautiful, start telling yourself that you love that person in the mirror. You can also work on changing your behavior towards others, and see them just as lost and confused as you are, sometimes people are stressed out because of life, and stressed out about they're money issues. It is not they're fault for the way they act, because of the programming, but they do have a choice to change the way they behave and communicate with others. This game that we are in is about tearing each other apart from one another, The Bankers do not want us to Unite as one world community, they don't want us to actually see each other as family. They rather see us fight amongst each other and hate one another. Have you all noticed how much violence they put out in movies, and television and how many people actually watch that crap, as well as what they put on the news. It's no wonder why people behave the way they do towards others because of the conditioning of the human mind. We all our extremely loving, beautiful, caring, and powerful beings, and we have  a right to our freedoms and we have a right to care and love one another.

This is a list of many different ideas, tips and other ways you can help with this Project, and the movement. I'm putting them in order from most important to least important. Still they are all very useful. Starting with Education
Step 1. Education, Knowledge is Power

There is many things you can do to help this Transition. The most important step that everyone must take is Educating your self on a Resource based Economy, and the Monetary system, as well as 911, nwo, shadow government, on the Irs, the Fed, on building solar panels, planting vegatables, and much more.  

All that is being added to this site to make it all in one portal. So you can check out all these notes to learn all you can, as well as the videos and transcripts. More will be added in Time, so keep checking back with this.

Books to Read:
Please get the Book (The Best that money Can't buy: beyond politics, poverty and war. ) -An Extremely educational book on society, culture, the monetary system, human behavior, technological unemployment, politics, government, and a Resource Based Economy. Cost $25 on the Venus Project website

Free E-books: Please Read (Designing the Future By Jacque Fresco) Which is an online e-book to explain a Resource Based Economy, and much more. Very well worth the read.

Read The Zeitgeist Movement orientation guide also located on the welcome page in Downloads. Will help explain this movement, our goals, and our transition.

New books Coming soon!

Learn more from the Educational Resources and links that i've added, In the Information Tab is loads of information for you to learn. 

Step 2.Groups and Networks to join
All Links are located on the Welcome page, and some on the Tabs

A new world society

All the groups in this site
Find your Chapters in The zeitgeist movement Website

10 simple things you can do to help this movement in 10 minutes from the forum

Digg These
Digg Zeitgeist Campaign New York Chapter
Zeitgeist Addendum
The Venus Project

aarons twitter page
jacque fresco Twitter page
The Zeitgeist movement

Youtube Channels:
TZM Official Channel
The Zeitgeist Movement Danish
Jacque Fresco
The Venus Project channel
Zeitgeist Kentucky
zeitgeist movie
Zeitgeist Addendum movie channel
Bigsteelguy channel (Aaron's Youtube Channel)

Vimeo Channels:

Step 3.The Venus Project Petition please sign this
it is on the welcome page.

Step 4.Sharing, Communication and Awareness

Sharing Online: You can share Everything you learned here today into Blogs, websites, Discussion Boards, Forums, Chat rooms and E-mail. Google is coming out with Google Wave and when that is Available to us all we all could use it to our advantage. 

Things you can Share online

Videos, Online Radio shows, downloads, Links, Art work, music, and of course Information.

Sharing Youtube Playlists
The Ultimate Zeitgeist Playlist
The Ultimate Venus Project Playlist
The 911 truth movement playlist

"Sharing Knowledge with one another is the most powerful technique we all can do to help create change, whether people understand that Knowledge is up to them, but spreading Information is so Critical in this day and age for our future. "

Sharing offline: This is something we can all learn, it all starts when we were children and how we would fight over a toy from one of our brothers or sisters. Our parents were trying to teach us to share. Some parents put us in front of the tv and we learned to hoard from that day forward. Sharing is something we all can do and that means cooking a meal for someone on a Street, or that could mean sharing your wardrobe with someone with hardly any cloths. Even if you yourself is poor, you can share your company with someone, you can share your coat with someone who is freezing to keep warm. If you have an extra room in your house and someone needs a place to stay share your couch or that room. Little things like this go along way at creating peace and harmony in our world. Sharing also helps the environment to while keeping people off the streets and out of trouble, your helping to keep the crime rate down, and your helping the enivironment keep clean by recycling.

Sharing is alot of fun and great once we understand how it effects each of us. When we share everyone wins.

More on Sharing Step 6

Step 5.Subscribe

Please subscribe to everything related to The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement

you can subscribe to 2 of my blogs along with anws blog

Subscribe to the Youtube channels above, subscribe to the radio shows, subscribe to Resource Based Living blog and they're New Website Resource based living

Step 6.Sharing this Offline

There are many ways you can spread awareness offline as well.
Posting flyers
Photo cards

Business Cards

Create Posters to Post on your doors and Walls

Create Stickers and Tags to go on your automobiles

Making Creative Art and Music
Have group gatherings to show the films
pass out dvd's, books, and audio cd's
Share this with your family if they are open and ready for it.
Travel to other countries and spread this all over the place, only if you can.

7.What you can do to help Offline
Don't Join the military
Don't pressure people
Cut up all your credit cards and stop getting loans
Find a way to stop paying taxes
Build solar panels for your home
build wind mills for your home
Grow your own small garden
get your own hydroponic system if you live in the city
Stop eating meat( i'm still trying my best with this one)
Join protests against the Fed
Create Peace ribbons
Educate your self on Holistic healing and alternative healing forms, like energy healing reiki, accupuncture, and more.
Use more candles instead of regular lights, or buy those energy saving light bulbs.
Invest any money that you have into your community, to help your community grow, only if you can and want to.
Volunteer in your community
Turn off your tv a little more often
unplug your cables and extensions, only if you don't have sustainable energy yet.
Stop watching violent deadly movies, they are an extreme waist of time, comedies are ok but try to stop watching too many.
Stop watching mainstream news, and stop listening to them.
Get your news on alternative news sites.
There are so many things you can do offline as well as online, so do what you can, just a little bit at a time.

Stop Paying Taxes, Why? refer to the truth about the FEderal REserve and the Irs in the information tab. There is no Law that is forced upon you to pay any taxes.

Most of the links are on this website, as well as the videos and links.

8.Listen To Online Radio, or Start your own Radio Show
Start your own: you can go to Blogtalkradio.com and begin your own Radio Talk Show or you can just

Listen to the shows that i have on the welcome page, you will learn alot from just listening to those shows, they are powerfully informative and very clear and gaining popularity. Online Radio is exploding at an extreme rate, you can also create your own show if you have enough knowledge and understanding of this.

Blogtalk radio is one of the best i know of, but there are others that you can probably use.

9.Keeping the Internet Free and Open

Now since you are using the internet to see this website. The governments are doing everything they can to regulate the internet and keeping it limited. You can support many movements to keep the internet free and open. This is extremely important to support this movement to save our internet that we use every day.

This is optional, since we are still in a monetary system and it will take time before this system is up in place. You can make donations to the Venus Project or other organizations on the web to contribute to our new world.

You can start by donating for education, then the next best thing to donate is Technology, then food and water donations.

11.Creating Software, artwork, Wallpaper and programs dedicated to the Venus Project

You can create a video game based on a RBE
You can create artwork dedicated to the Venus project
you can make music

You can create open software programs to run on your computers to do whatever you want to use this software programs to benefit a Transition to a monitoring computer system.

Create some beautiful wallpaper and share it with your friends through e-mail and other ways. I use picasa the most but there are other programs out there that you can use.


This is a big one and the most important, here just by doing little things in everyday life to help another person will contribute  to the whole of this transition.

For an example like helping an elderly person cross the street, help fix someones sink, give someone some fruit and vegetables to eat, Invite someone over for dinner, giving someone a book, giving someone a ride when they need one, donate your cloths to a shelter, donate some blankets, Take someone to a ball game, or help someone move. These are just some examples i know you can come up with alot more.


Flock it is one of the Best Browsers that i've ever used, it is very much like firefox but has alot more features to it and alot of fun to use. It is also Free

Open Source Os


Google Os 

Download these E-books (located on the Welcome page)
Designing the future
Money Effects
Resource Based Economy

Zeitgeist Orientation Guide

Check out Hidden technology.org which explains what technology actually exists out there in the world, it is an extremely amazing site.
Also Watch from the Discovery Channel The future a 360 degree view movie, this film will blow you away and it is a little difficult to find, but i rented it from blockbuster, i'm sure you can find it somewhere.

The Zeitgeist Mix tape is actually on the Welcome site, and all the songs are there, it is an album for both the films. The second Album is still in progress to come out sometime in the future.

14. Purchasing Goods And Services
and what can you do?

First don't buy from Stores like Target, Walmart, and Best buy. Go to your own local shops in the area to buy things, or find used stuff from your own neighbers, go to more yard sales. Buy food at your local markets, or just grow food. As for your internet and Phone, i have a prepaid Phone so I strongly suggest staying away from the major big companies. As for TV, sell it or if you still want tv i would suggest get Direct Tv. Google is having this Free Internet and i believe it is in the Testing stages. I have no idea when that will occur. I love google but i mainly use Ie and Flock. I still use the google search. I Know google is a big company, but i see they are becoming more of a Revolutionary company, unlike M.s. and Apple, Especially Apple.

Apple  might make a great product and they're computers are incredible, but they make so much money off of you, that you wouldn't even believe. I own a apple product but since it broke within a year. I would have to say i would stay away from they're products. Infact they wouldn't even fix it for me because the warrenty ran out just in time when it got broke. Is that my fought? I would say no because of how much they already charge they should fix the products for free, warrenty or not.

15. Fair Tax

I know many of you don't even know that this Fair TAx Actually exists, my opinion would be to eliminate money but this plan is somewhat a good idea that could help the economy a little. Please Refer to the Fair Tax Tab in the Information Area. It is a really good idea to support that, but it is just for the U.s.
You can also visit Fairtax.org

16. Volunteer work in your community

This is something i do, but i volunteer at the hospital and help out a little. Where the benefit would be alot of thankyou's, maybe some hugs, and the benefit of making a difference in someone's life. You can check with your local town and see what needs to be done and how you can help in each area. You can also Volunteer at the Zeitgeist movement site and help Peter Joseph out.

17. Click to Donate for a cause
Care2 : It's a good place to start, it's also where i've created the Petition


18. Keeping your self Healthy

This one is pretty difficult for many, even my self. I still Eat Meat and am not much of a health nut. Becoming a Vegatarian is a great choice, if you can. Try out Holistic Healing and other Alternative Healing. As well as Natural remedies to use as medicine instead of the over the counter drugs and stimulates. I try to stay away from all that stuff myself and i hardly get sick when i do it doesn't last very long.

I do get pains in my stomach because of what i eat. That is a problem but i've learned to accept it. Now i'm like many others are still stuck in this monetary based system and if i had access to what i need to make me healthy and if i had that choice, i would chose it in a heart beat.

Here's some things you can do

  • Don't eat meat
  • Eat more fruits
  • Check out Energy healing
  • Stay away from Fast food
  • don't smoke or quit smoking
  • Stay away from soda
  • Drink more Water
  • Drink more juice natural and organic juice
  • Take a natural Vitamin
  • Excercise or do what you can each day
  • take a few long walks
  • Ride your bike
  • Climb a mountain
  • go swimming
  • Play sports
  • Lean up against a Tree
  • Get lots of Sun
  • Stay away from any vaccinations or shots
  • Stay away from any medication and find natural remedies to help with pain

19. Meditation

Please check out the note on Meditation all the information is on there.

Meditation is commonly known through out the world and most people feel it might not really work, but believe it or not it has a huge impact on our world today. It is another way that you can help with this transition, by bringing your self into balance and harmony, by focusing on your breathing. If you have any anger or behavior problems like i do this is an excellant way of dealing with those issues.

20. Community Meetings

This is an extremely helpful way, by bringing people together in your community to talk about the worlds problems and talk about a Resource Based Economy. To brainstorm some ideas on what needs to be done in your own community to become more self sustainable, more practical and more simpler. You can begin by creating flyers and pass them around to everyone you know and set up a date to when people can come to your meetings.

21. Gathering of Different Professions

The Movement needs these people to help

  • Software Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Bio Tech Engineers
  • Film Makers
  • Web Designers
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Architects
  • Farmers
  • Scientists
  • Robotic Engineers
  • Directors
  • Video Game Designers
  • Bloggers

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