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The Purpose of the Petition:
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The Letter written:
"We the undersigned, Ask that this project is funded and pushed to forefront of everything else, this must happen in order for us to not just save our country but work on making the world a better place for everyone to live in. The Venus Project is a huge example at what kind of world we can live in. This is not about profit or financial Gain it is about people and sustainability. This is what we need to fix our problems in Today"s world. This is all really Possible to accomplish because we all are  behind this Project. This is not some Pipe dream it is a Reality and the sooner we realize what kind of world we can live in millions more people will accept this kind of way of living. The Monetary system that we are in is not working, and you can see that. It would be a much logical and practical choice to start something new into a resource based economy. This is what we want and we are willing to help If your going to back and fund this Project. The sooner we get this going the sooner people's lives will be saved and the planet will be taken care of. I'm sure you have Children and you want the best future possible that is benefiting all people.

I hope you take this Project very seriously. Thank you for listening "

The Petition was created, to share awareness and support of the project, and what direction we really want to go for humanity. It will be submitted to many different people like congressmen, governors, the president, scientists, and environmental organizations. I know a petition is not much and we don't know what impact it will have when submitted. I've seen online petitions work very well, but were done correctly and had alot of supporters for the petition, another thing that makes a petition successful is the letter written. I believe i've made a decent letter that will at least get someones attention.

As for the Funding that's up to every individual if they choose to donate to the Venus Project, this Petititon is to bring an awareness to the cause, and possibly help bring in more funding from other large 3rd parties, and or investers who are interested in creating  sustainable cities. 

Not all petitions do work and we all know that, I felt it's worth a try.

"You are not forced to put your name and information in, you can sign the petition as Anonymous" 

The Petition will be submitted sometime in 2013 OR 2014 depending on how much more quicker it gets to 3million signatures. 
The petition won't go anywhere or have any impact without the supporters and signers, so do what you can to really expand and share this petition so the sooner i can submit it in to the people i explained.

ways to share this petition
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Make a video for the Venus project and put it in the details of each video you make.
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It also has it's own share button on it so you can click that and e-mail it to your friends and do many other things.

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