About the Q&A this should give you an idea on how this all works and how we could make a transition to this way of life. Many of you have so many questions and the ones that i have i'm posting them here. You can always submit your own questions and i will be glad to answer them as best as i can but read through the questions first before you ask one. This is a work in progress and i'm continuing to update, and finish all the questions. I have mainly alot of the basic ones on here. So I hope you find Your Answer

Updated: May 9th 2010

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Why is it so important to wake up?

As we consume on a daily basis we are destroying our own ecosystem, and our children's future, for each thing we buy. Whether we like to care or not to care, it is our responsibility as a human race to have enough courage to stand up against this system of control and manipulation. Our planet is on a downward spiral, and it is going through it's cleansing to wipe out the sickness that is causing the problems. That sickness is us, and we are the ones as a whole, who are causing the damage to our own children's Future. We might be ok but our children's future is really going to be so extremely hard on them. Unless we just don't give a damn.

Is this the same as the Nwo Plan?

no definitely Not, The Nwo is a group of individuals who like to control and manipulate the masses of people by using fear tactics and hording of natural resources. They also are inside many governments al around the world and plan to have they're one world government, using they're own outdated system that cannot work any how. The use this system to enslave mankind, by using money and profit as a game. Some of them want to eliminate us using biological war fare, by spreading virus and inducing vaccines into people. All they care about is they're own Power and Greed over the mass of population.

This is not even close to what this is, because it stands for everything against the nwo. Total Freedom of what an individual can do with his or her life. You will have freedom of what you want to learn, where you want to go, how you want to live, who you want to be with, and how much fun you really want to enjoy.

Will i Be forced to live in a Resource Based Economy?

Definitely Not! Once the first city is built you can see for your self how others are living in this self sustaining city, People all around the world can research and see how this system can be put into place before they make any desiscions. IF you choose not to, then you can stay in a barter and trade world, or you can go live on an Island, because the more people that gets used to this and the more that really love and enjoy how this system really works than i'm sure that will change other people's Choices. So it is not about Force it is about Choice.


Why should we Abolish money?

Money Is Debt, it is an energy of Exchange, used to keep Resources Scarce against the public. More like a gigantic Game of who can stash the most amount of money, e-money, gold, silver so he or she can live a life of Luxury.

The Very sad part about this is only a small of the world's Population has enough cash and resources stashed away for they're own benefit. That number is Between 5 and 10% of the population.

It is Energy, and Resources is what people need, not money, not gold, not silver. It is the basic needs that people need the most. Most people put faith in the Dollar because they believe it has some sort of value to buy the things they like. Although a small part of this is true, but really it is an Illusion. The Federal Reserve Prints trillions of dollars each and every year, on top of that, the rest of the money is in Electronic Funds. Now this will cause major disasterious Problems for all of us even the rich. Because our currencies and metals, will totally lose it's value drastically, and we've seen proof of that in the last 2 to 3 years.

It will continue to get worse, until we finally had enough and wake up, and abolish money once and for all. Where we can move into a new age of Technology to full fill our every day basic needs. Infact that is already happening now, with technological unemployment but it is having a negative impact on our economy because we are in a system of barter, trade and currencies. Please click on the links above, the truth about the Fed, and who are the Shadow Government. Of course it is all not just about technology it is and resources, it is about our state of mind, our own consciousness. So many of us are in such a controlled, limited, boxed in state, that we couldn't even comprehend what would really happen. I suppose people in the 1900's had no idea what a cell phone is today, but that's how much change can happen over a period of 100 years. It is also about our planet, and how we take care of it. Money and Profit is a sickness in the human mind, but we can't feel it or see it. Our planet is dire need of fixing and the people that are in the Shadow government are using money and us as to destroy the planet. The Earth will not be destroyed, but that doesn't mean we will survive as a race, if we continue down the path of money and Profit. That has to end and it has to end now, before we are stuck with the after math of our own destruction.

What if i want to own something, and how can we have access to everything? 

If you want to own something then you can own, but go back from when you are a baby or a child, did you ever own anything before? You weren't born with a house, or born with a car, or born with cloths, or born with 10 girlfriends, you weren't born with thousands of dollars in the bank, only if you were a child of a rich family, but still you came into this world without nothing. It would be simple and logical to have access to everything than to own something, because you don't need to haul your couch with you where ever you go, or your stove, or your giant tv. Why would you want to carry that with you on every move?. When you move from one place to another, why would you want to move all your stuff from one place to another new home? Wouldn't it be logical to move into a home that has everything you need, tv couch, chairs, refrigator, beds, computers, and so forth. All that moving and back breaking work to load your stuff up and add in all the costs for transportation and storage.
People have all these storage places that cost so much money to keep which doesn't make sense to pay for storage when it is just items sitting there, but your not paying for your stuff to be there, you are paying for the air space.
It really is just ridiculous how we have to be forced to live on streets while all these these empty buildings and empty hotels and motels are just sitting there with empty space.

I just see that every thing has to have space to be there, We do consume all these resources from our planet, but if we learn to share and to develop recycling systems and make things last, it would be eaiser to have access to everything we need, in turn saving more space, but we all have to get rid of this system. So see how many Grocery carts are sitting in the parking lot at a grocery store, see how many homes and buildings unoccupied, and people living in tents instead of buildings. Look how much electronics sitting in the store of Best Buy and try to see all that space being hoarding by one store, so they can make a profit when they sell a product and allow more space, but they stock they're shelves on a constant basis. Does everyone want to own 3 cars and 2 pools and 4 computers? No they don't, i don't even want to own one tv, but i still have my old tv.

If you can go to a park and rent out a bicycle and ride it for a few hours then return it, wouldn't that make much sense or you can still own one but see all that space being taking up by that bycycle in your area.

What about new stuff and new technology?

New things will be created by others who choose to make new technology because it is a hobby for many, so they contributing to the whole of humanity, but it has to be made to last and work in the new system. If something new came out and there is not enough to go around depending on what it is, You will probably would have to wait and or share the item. It won't be long before that item can be put into mass production using the machines and automation. There could be one really amazing database on the computer to get all the updates on what is being developed and what is available at that time, so you will be able to click on a product that you want and it will be transported to you using advanced transporation systems that would be created around the world to make it simple, it could be maglift trains, fast anti gravity ships, very advanced speed boats and ships, and possibly teleportation which is not just a theory it is actually being built and used. Today scientists are working on transporting molecules and other small things. I don't know how far they are but that was a year ago when i heard about that. Just like in STar Trek.
When the Technology is available then we can have access to it.

What would be our incentive in an RBE if there is no money?

Incentives would change, you will no longer want to consume so much stuff, you will no longer want to work for a paycheck so you can go home and drink and party on the weekends. IN an RBE your incentive would be what ever you love and enjoy to do. If you wanted to write a book but never had the time to because of work, then you have a different incentive. If you always wanted to see Rome and never had the time and money to do so your incentive would change. If you always wanted to play music for the rest of your life, but you couldn't because of your job, then your incentive would change. See the incentive right now is based off the current system that we live in. It is also based on how we see each other and our selves. In an RBE you would have total true freedom to do whatever you choose as long as it doesnt harm the planet, harm other people, harm animals, or harm your selves. I suppose those will be the only laws, of course i'm sure we would follow universal laws that most people don't even know yet. Until then i hope you understand how your incentive would change without money.

Another incentive you would want to better yourself, and find a meaningful purpose here on Earth. You won't be forced to learn anything else.

Why did you call this site (A new world society)?

This is a good Question, i've decide to call it a New world society on the basis that all of us must unite as a world community and that was the best idea i came up with, it is also the opposite of Nwo, which stands for New World Order= Chaos, control, manipulation, and scarcity.

A society is a body of individuals of a species, generally seen as a community or group, that is outlined by the bounds of functional interdependence, comprising also possible characters or conditions such as cultural identity, social solidarity, or eusociality. Human societies are characterized by patterns of relationships between individuals that share a distinctive culture or institutions. Like other groups, a society allows its individual members to achieve individual needs or wishes that they could not fulfill separately by themselves, without the existence of the social group. Society, however, may be unique in that it is ontologically independent of, and utterly irreducible to, the qualities of its constituent individuals. As a reality sui generis, or "of its own kind", it is emergently composed of social facts that often hinder rather than help the pursuits of the subjects that form its physical and psychological underpinnings.

More broadly, a society is an economic, social or industrial infrastructure, made up of a varied multitude of individuals. Members of a society may be from different ethnic groups. A society may be a particular ethnic group, such as the Saxons; a nation state, such as Bhutan; a broader cultural group, such as a Western society; or even a social organism such as an ant colony.

The word society may also refer to an organized voluntary association of people for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. Sociology is the study of society and social behavior.

What is your plans for the future of this site?

My plans for this site and my goals is to share as much knowledge and wisdom with the world as i know it. As well as having other people share they're wisdom and information with the world. I plan on adding more groups and more information to this site in the future, as well as more videos, more music, more pictures, and just more. Hopefully as time goes this network will grow on a massive scale but i'm not making any promises.

What if Robots try to turn on Humans and eliminate the Human Race?

This is what was programmed into our minds by watching all those movies about robotic killers, It is not robots that we need to worry about turning on us because they won't have the conscious A.i. to make that kind of descision and if they did they will still have the 3 Laws built into they're system. This is a fear Humanity has about the future, it is one fear we all must over come because we are the controllers of our own destiney it is us who could be the destruction of our own race or we will be a peaceful, respectful, caring and sharing race where we can evolve into something incredible as a whole. . Please Check out Technological Unemployment for more information on this topic. I explain it much more clearly over there.

In order for Machines to turn on us they would have to have hormones, emotions and a Conscious mind, and so many other factors. We are 1000's of years from them actually having a complete conscious mind.


Who is going to be making the Decisions in a RBE?

What do we have available today?

Watch Our Technical Reality by Douglous *(6 videos) Showing what technology is Real

What most people don't know they are left in the dark to what is actually available to the public. Hidden Secretive exotic technology has been hidden from us for years to keep our civilization from eliminating the need for money. Technology is still evolving at an all rapid pace and much of the information about this technology is hidden. Please visit hidden to find out what has been hidden from us. That isn't really all of it but it talks about the free energy devices. Solar, wind and geothermal has been around for awihle but not many people trust in those energy sources. We also have tidal wave and nuclear fusion. So there are many other sources of energy that we all can tap into and in time we will find that ultimate untapped energy. I believe Tesla was scratching the surface of that energy.

When is this going to happen?

That Depends on all of you, and the rest of us. How much more sooner do you really want to be in this RBE? It's going to take alot of hard work and alot of education to get to that point. It's not going to happen over night but if you want to start off small and help with this on a daily basis, i strongly recommend reading the Ways to get involved Note in the information tab.

Where is the first city going to be built? for now the first city is in New Zealand, but other new cities are being built as you read this right now. Other communities are building these self sustaining cities in many parts of the world without no one knowing about them, atleast until the time comes. Why? i have no idea why they won't say if they are or not. Maybe they have told people but not many people knows what's going on all around the globe at the same time.

What about sex in an RBE?

Sex in an RBE would be a little slightly different since many of us Love sex it is the fact that we have rules and regulations against it, because of manmade diseases like the Aids Virus, and as well as Religious beliefs. Those will be phased out and ended. Sex would be more open and more understanding in an RBE. There will be more knowledge and information to be educated to young children when they are young so they can make responsible choices in they're future. Today it is just extremely out of control, but if people had freedom of expression without suppression then sex would be more widely accepted as a custom norm. There's already a question on Relationships down below.

What is going to be the incentive for people in an RBE?

The incentive to work for a greater importance of the whole will be the new incentive, doing what you enjoy the most to make a difference in peoples lives will be the future of work. People don't want to work because we are trapped in enslavement, where we must do something or we don't survive. If we don't work we don't have food on the table, if we don't work we won't have shelter, or phone service. That is just the system that we are in that creates the horrible incentive.  The Incentive in an RBE would dramatically shift to a new way of thinking and living. When you have access to everything you need, from transportation, food, water, energy, housing, fuel, and heat. Then our incentive would drastically change.

Who is going to run this new system?

a computer generated cybernated system, that is connected on a network all around the world, using advanced A.I. intelligence, satilites, robotics, and computers. Everything will be analized and processed, to see what is needed in different parts of the world. As well as keeping data on what we all love and do on an individual basis. There will be no governments, or dictatorships to Run this system. 

Who is going to give us the resources?

The stores we see now today would turn into major warehouses, instead of waiting in line at a cashier we could find what we are looking for on  a possible computer system at the store or on the internet. Order that product, and then pick it up if it is available. The reason a product isn't available at the time, is because the demand for that product would be very high for some people. You might have to wait a little longer to get that product but it will still come in. The cybernated computer system will keep track of all items, products, services, and materials needed for each store, and everything will be logged so we don't have to use too much resources. As for Recycling there will be a recycling center at each store location so you can drop off your old things and return them for something better. Recycling will also be in our own homes, and in other places. Recycling will be huge in an RBE.

Will i get to own anything?

No and Yes, When we share everything we own everything and we own nothing, Like when you go to a Grocery Store, you don't own your own Cart but you go up and grab one and then go shopping with your cart. Those carts are everywhere, if you go to a Library and rent out a book you don't own that book, you are borrowing it and then bring it back when done. I strongly recommend that you watch the Zeitgeist Orientation guide video. Located in the Videos tab.

Where are we going to get the materials and resources to begin this?

The materials are all around us, by recycling all that we have today into designing the future cities for everyone. The Resources would be shared throughout the community to build these cities on a daily basis. If there is something needed somewhere else, one of the other countries will have to chip in and help that country develop and design there cities. We all have to work together and share our resources to get this going.

How is Religion going to play a part in an RBE?

Religion would be changed, but what ever you believe in would be respected and allowed in a RBE, as long as those beliefs don't effect the way of life in the cities, or effect the planet. Whatever you have Faith in is your own choice. I'm sure when the time comes there will be more of an understanding in the human Consciousness. We will probably learn how the universe actually works. Fighting against another or forcing someone to believe in they're way of spirituallity would be eliminating or making a profit of some sort of spiritual knowledge or wisdom would end. Most religions are out there to make an income, or a profit off the faith of others. Just go ahead and search online how much stuff is out there that people are selling plates with pictures of Jesus, or coffee mugs with crosses. It is all a way of profit. I have nothing against Religious Folks, who are extreme in they're own belief systems. But they just don't understand how much of an Effect it has on our world. We have to be more open about the universe and consciousness, and be able to accept answers that we might not understand at the time.

faith is a Powerful word and it can be used in many ways, but the fact is Faith can only get you so far, but having faith in one another is so very powerful in it's own right. Having faith in your family, in your friends is something we all must learn to do. Do i believe in a Higher Power, yes i do infact. I do believe there is a force that is guiding us in the direction we are all going. What i understand is our minds our not capable of understanding something that is so powerful as god or source or whatever you want to call it. We are limited in our minds to even think of what is. I believe we must learn and look more within for our own answers in life, not from a book or some savior from the outside world. Prophecy is just Prophecy it is an event that is possible to happen but not likely to happen. Please visit Wiki to understand Prophecy. I am totally keeping an eye out for the Mayan's Prophecies and all about 2012 being the end times. I just don't see the world ending in 2012. Maybe in 2012 will be a new beginning for all of us, when many of us are awakening to what is happening and what is going on. While many of us will work on making the future better, we will create our own future of peace and prosperity, but i believe 2012 is just an indicator of what choice we actually choose. If we will go down and be destructive civilization or will we be in a Resource Based Economy on or after 2012? The Future is always changing and that is one fact that you can put in a book. It never stays the same, religions, beliefs, sects, dogmas they come and go, but they don't ever last for 100,000's of years i can tell you that.

What is the Venus Project? (please refer to the Venus Project Tab in the information bar)

The Venus Project- presents a bold, new direction for humanity, entailing nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. Unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in stability of the Earth's ecosystems; These are the problems of today, and as you will see, The Venus Project is dedicated to confronting all of these problems. Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can offer directly to the social system, The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

As one, we can make this project happen. We have the power to decide if this is the future that humanity actually deserves, and in doing so may act with foresight to re-align our current crash-course. There has never been a time in history, a better time than now, for we the united to choose a better way. How long will it take before all understand that Life, capital L, can be better? It doesn't have to be this way.

Ask yourself: Is THIS why am i here? To turn a dollar from the sweat of my brow, so as to afford to keep the sun from my back, the rain from my head? Here I am, here to watch the daytime television, to buy the designer clothes, to consume industry-approved placation after placation? No. There is more, and more still.

The way we are living right now is a mad rush, a stampede; This pollution of mind and body is stagnation, not evolution. Money cannot warm a heart or enrich the mind. All recognize the heedless waste of planned obsolescence and monetary greed. And yet, it need not be so. With even the slightest action, you will be so amazed at just how little is needed to enact a change. You are all very special, every human on this planet is so special, so aren't we all deserving of something better, to live without fear or undue strife? As much as the water we drink, as much as the air we breathe, as much as the sun which shines down, now more than ever, we need each other to survive. Lest the soil go bare, the water impure and the air go foul, we cannot risk anything less. Nothing will change unless we want something better for ourselves. The day your child comes to you, asking "Why can't we live in a real home, why can't we have food to eat?" It will be sooner than you think if we cannot act together.

Listen, and hear. Our future is in our hands, hearts and minds. Let's make it happen. Let's come together and save our world, save each other, and save our future from ourselves.

What is a REsource BAsed Economy?

 Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival.

Modern society has access to highly advanced technology and can make available food, clothing, housing and medical care; update our educational system; and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy. By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment, industrial plants, etc. to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources rather than money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all.

Consider the following examples: At the beginning of World War II the US had a mere 600 or so first-class fighting aircraft. We rapidly overcame this short supply by turning out more than 90,000 planes a year. The question at the start of World War II was: Do we have enough funds to produce the required implements of war? The answer was No, we did not have enough money, nor did we have enough gold; but we did have more than enough resources. It was the available resources that enabled the US to achieve the high production and efficiency required to win the war. Unfortunately this is only considered in times of war.

In a resource-based economy all of the world's resources are held as the common heritage of all of Earth's people, thus eventually outgrowing the need for the artificial boundaries that separate people. This is the unifying imperative.

Who is organizing this movement?

Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist Movement, he is the director and creator of the Zeitgeist films, he is not someone to be followed though. We all must become Leaders in this movement, not followers. It really comes down to all of us who is organizing this movement, and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

What about Leadership in an RBE?

Leadership would be taught in schools in an RBE, People wil learn leadership skills where everyone can learn to be a leader, but we should not all be followers, it is ok to follow some things, but We all must learn to be leaders so we can drastically live in a world that is so much more enjoyable than we live in now. 

How are we going to be able to travel in an RBE?

Mainly by mass transit, using trains that run on magnets, more advanced flight machines using anti gravity, Teleportation possibly, and highly self sustainable cars. 

How are relationships going to be in an RBE?

Relationships would change slightly, when you live in an world without money there will be no prostitution, no divorce lawyers, no tax forms for married couples, and no strip clubs. Most relationships are based out of the monetary system and the scarcity of not supporting a love one is on alot of people's minds. It is difficult to stay in relationships because of the money problems. If you see the statistics it is very high that most marriages end because of financial turmoil in they're relationship. In other cases it is because of cheating or gambling, drinking, or just not in love with that person anymore. I believe in a RBE Relationships would evolve to where we would have to be more open with our feelings with one another, and see each other as equals and love one another not because of the material things, or the person skills, but love each other unconditionally. We are all Family here in this world and we are all interconnected, so we have to learn to change our behavior towards one another. We will also have more time in an RBE to spend with our loved ones and enjoy friendships much more as well. No one would be tied down to stay in a relationship because of children because if you have all your needs taking care of, then there won't be any need for child support checks. You can make your own choice to stay with that person. I believe relationships of the future will be about feeling and cooperating with one another, and more listening instead of talking. 

Age is another one that will have to change as well, Age is another barrier from how we communicate with one another. If someone who is 50 that wants a relationship with someone who is 24 than that would be up to partner to decide what he or she chooses, not someone else's opinion. It will come down to our own choices and desires. I believe if you truly love someone than you won't look at them because of they're body or age. It will be about unconditional love and companionship.

Maybe we will also have Robotic Real Dolls, if you havn't seen how Amazingly close these dolls are to the real thing you might want to check them out. They might be a cure for sexually active men and women who commit rape crimes, key word Maybe. Sorry if this answer is a little long but i hope you understand what i'm saying.

How do i get involved with this Project?

I compiled a list of ways you can get involved with this movement in the information tab, there is just too many to post in this Q&A, but the first thing you can do is sign that petition on the home page, and send this site to all your friends and family.

Are we going to need a police force and or military in an RBE?

just during the Transition, once Money and profit is eliminated that will take out 80% of Crime so we will not a huge police force. 

What about Crime in an RBE?

Crime will be non existantt in an RBE, The main reason why we have crime is because of the laws and regulations that are set on humans. It might seem odd, but if you eliminate the laws and eliminate money and profit, crime would decrease dramatically. People do the things that they do to survive atleast the majority of people. Many other crimes like murder, rape, and vandislm would dramatically decrease. Those people who commit those crimes do have a sickness and we would treat them as if they are a patient in this world, not a world class criminal and lock them up in jail. Rehab would be huge in all cities where if someone would have a problem they would go to a rehab clinic and work with someone to fix they're mental problem.

How are we going to have our own homes in an RBE?

When machines can build our own homes, we waste so much space in our society today with all our buildings and land. Land would be free to everyone, as long as there is enough space to do so. More and more people would live in complexes and hotel like buildings. Where we can all live in a community like. You can still have your own home and modify it the way you would like, but only to the caring compasity of the planet.

What abuot the power elite and will they try to control this?

Yes they would try but even if they see how this will benefit them as well, they will understand finally about how this system would work. They will be the last ones to accept this kind of system. They don't want the monetary system to end in the kind of way they are in. So they would try to stop this but they won't be able to, it is already set in motion.

Where are we going to get education from?

Education would come from many different areas, like from the new Web, to Educational programs, and universities. Many people would love to teach and instruct about science and many others. Today most teachers hate they're jobs because they have to teach to make a living. Some Teachers out there do really care about teaching but can't get hired for a job, because of the schools lacking funds. That should all be different in an RBE. Education would be all free to anyone who wants to learn.

When can i visit the Venus Project in Venus Florida and

How do i get there?

You can check out the Events on the home page to see when the dates are, and go to the Home page of the Venus Project click contact and see if you can find the address on that page.

When is Zeitgeist 3 coming out?

mid 2010

When is Jacque and Roxanne going to have they're new film ready?

Don't really know you will have to check up with them, when they are ready to announce it.

How can i purchase they're book?

Go to they're WEbsite and buy it from there, don't get it any where else because it is far too expensive to buy it there.

IF Jacque and Roxanne are promoting this RBE then how's come do they take donations or sell they're books?

Since we do live in a Monetary at the time being, they still have to support themselves in this system, but they are very much more self sustainable than many, They use the money that they bring in to create more dvd's, books, and audio cd's. They also are using the money for other projects as well. They Work so very hard on this and it is practically they're life's work.

What if i wanted 10 Tv's to put in my 3 homes, and have 6 cars, and 3 boats?

The question should be why would you want all that stuff which you might not even use half of your time. The reason why we want more and more stuff, is so we can compare our selves with others. Kinda like having three sports cars and showing them off to your friends, Why would you want to take up so much space with all that stuff, and what about the houses, are you going to live in every house all at the same time? I'm sure your not, plus you will have to hire a maid for each house to take care of it. So what happens if you go off to vacation for 3 weeks, your cars, boats and tv's are just sitting there wasting space, wasting time, and wasting resources, while you are out enjoying yourself. That kind of thinking is incorporated in our minds because of the system we are in. They call us consumers but we don't see that as an insult. I have One Gigantic Tv and it get's turned on once in 2 months, why don't i use it? Because i don't need to, i'm tired of the crap they put on Tv These days. I also use my computer as a tv, so i can watch any shows that i record on my Computer monitor. I only have a few shows, but atleast i can record them.

I have a Truck and Car but i hardly ever drive my truck because there is no use for it 24/7. I suppose you have to see it from a time perspective do you really want to spend most of  your time taking care of 6 vehicles, 3 houses, and 10 tv's? when you can go any where in the world and see tv's all over the place, or drive any vehicle that you see in site, instead of owning one of your own. In an RBE there would be no need for Keys for any vehicle.

Where would we get our food?

Hydroponics, by growing food in Water. Food would be over produced in a Resource BAsed Economy, and while technology advances there would be more advancement in the storage of food, as well as the transportation of food. Can we still eat meat, maybe not because it difficult to feed cattle and pigs, because you have to grow the food to give that food to them. Im sure something would be different where Veggie burgers would be more better tasting, also by taking out all those hormones and Stuff they put into our food.

This is a joke, what if this never happens in our lifetime, so why should i care?

Well even if you think this is a joke or don't care about this project that is fine, because you are entitled to your opinion in an RBE people would be more respectful to others opinions and would be more open to suggestions.  Right now not too many people are closed minded, because of they're conditioned mind set to really understand any other solutions to fiix the world's Problems. Of course you are right if this will never happen only if  a great majority of people don't believe this would happen. It is really up to us to bring it into reality. Remember that people thought the earth was flat a long time ago, and people believed we would never land on the moon, and people never thought we would be driving around in these cars and trucks today. It is all about believing in something, having hope in a project, and believing in your self to help make it happen.

What will we be doing if there is no work?

Well i could write a whole book on that, but i would say be spending more time with your children and pets, traveling all around the world, take a vacation every week, creating music when you want to, Creating art, trying out new foods, Get into a relationship, Climb some mountains, go camping, Work in a lab on your time, Invent things in a work shop if you like that. Basicly you would be doing what you love the most, what you really enjoy doing in life, not what you are forced to do in life. This alone will really give us a world of unbelievable advancements. 

Is this some Cult?

No  it isn't, Before assuming this is some Cult, click this link and listen to Peter Joseph

What about riding motorcycles in an RBE?

Yes you can ride motorcycles in an RBE, but you won't be driving with the fuel you have now. There are alternative fuels you could use for your bike, but really it is like there will be bikes every where to ride so why would you want to ride a bike when you could just get on one and ride. Now most of the bikes made today are like the cars manufactured, they break down just like the cars these days. You can spend hours working on them, but that takes away your time from riding them right? The new motorcycles will be very green and self sufficiant in energy. They will also stay in working conditions for longer periods of time. They will be built to last for a long time, not break down like the old ones where it takes most of your time trying to keep your bikes in tip top shape. You can still own a bike and travel around the country but that takes to long to do so. IF you could just hop on a mag lift train or get into a teleportation machine and be in one place much faster than a bike then which one would you choose, unless you just like to ride and check out the scenery. Then again what will happen to the roads if we no longer need them, if we could fly in shuttle crafts, not air planes. Like the ones we see in Star Trek but more advanced looking. Now that will have to be in a couple of years before that becomes a reality, but it won't be long before we have an alternate transportation craft, or device. What if flying motorcycles were developed? would you give up your old bike and get a flying one?

How is this cybernated city going to function?

It will function like a spider web of information, everything in the world will be interconnected for starters, starting from the super computer that runs every thing to the small networked communities. I explained some of this in another question.

Lets say you wake up one morning and you have a Replicator in your home making you coffee and breakfast, then you download the news to your computerized wrist notebook, with holographic memory and technology, then you get into your recycled shower system where your water that you use gets recycled to water your plants and food if you want to grow your food the old fashion way.

So lets say once your done then you can go out and meet up with some friends hitch a ride to a school 1000 miles away where you can learn more into astrology or what ever class you decided to study in, from what you enjoy doing. In the school you will be doing hands on learning, not writing on some paper or typing up essays, you will actually get your hands on the projects that you want to learn on. You will also have instructors, scientists and engineers as well as other instructors there to train and educate you on what you love to do. There is no obligation to stay in that school or university because you are free to do what you like to do. People will be instructors because that is what they love to do is Teach others.

Then you hop on the train then head out to some place down in some other part of your country and try out some of they're food, now remember your doing this all within a few hours, since in this world everything is more faster and instant. You have so much freedom that even i myself couldn't describe it here for you. I'm trying to give you a general idea on how a person could live in one of these cities. I strongly recommending watching Designing the future, and future by design, both are films that help explain this type of society.

Who is going to store all that information?

Will we have to wear the same cloths?
NO but only if you want to. I'm sure people will be creating they're own clothing and designs and fashions, but won't be comparing themselves with others because that is part of the old paradigm. Peeple will wear the cloths they desire for how they feel wearing them. IF you decide to go naked than that is fine, until society has to grow up and finally let go of old belief systems and habits towards nudity.

How is fashion going to play a part in this?

I answered that in the question above

Who are the Shadow Government?

What would happen if we had major ecological disasters in an RBE?

Who will build the robots that make the robots? Well for starters we will just to get things rolling, Machines and robots seem complicated today but in time they will be easier to produce and create. When more and more people know how to build them and replicate them, that's the big thing about an RBE is Replication when something works we replicate it, Instead of suppressing it because of our own agenda or personal gain.

Who and what are the Federal Reserve?

click Here

Where did  this idea originated from?

Jacque Fresco, but it might've come from others in the past from Sci fi writers and many others, STar trek is probably the closest to reality as any other tv show or movie.

What if Et's invade our world what would we do?

If Et's were so far advanced they would not attack our world, we are the ones who are behind everyone else, we are the ones who are invasive and destructive. Even if they are or will they would do it more quietly, apparently maybe they have but if they did it was for a bigger cause, and if they do try to attack us in an RBE we would do the best we could to still show them love, sharing and compassion, because we are better than what we all think we are. We are reall more compassionate beings than could ever imagine, we just get caught up in our every day drama and make it all important. Which the only thing that should be important is taking care of the planet and each other.

What would happen if we ran out of Resources?

I doubt that, there is enough Resources for 50billion people let alone 7 billion, if we just knew how to preserve, protect and fix our land, and recycle alot more than we would have more than enough resources to go around. The problem today is transportation of resources, and the abuse of Resources This are two obstacles that we all must overcome to be in a more Abundant world.

Who is going to be accepted in this RBE?

Anyone and Everyone, no one will be left out, but it is a choice for you. You can still chose to live on an Island or wherever you would like to stay. No one will force you to be accepted. If i want to hurt someone will i be accepted? Well yes but why would you want to hurt anyone?, This just means that you have a mental sickness and we would treat you as a patient instead of a Criminal. The community will be much more forgiving in this kind of living.

Will i still be able to smoke cigerattes in an RBE?

Smoking is an Addiction, because of what Cig company's put into those cigerattes, and most people have to smoke because of the stress they are put in. New Developing technologies will help curve that addiction, by using E-cigerattes that are already on the market today. I highly recommend checking out enjoy online. They might be expensive now but without money they can help you quit smoking very rapidly if not instant.

What about smoking WEed in an RBE?

Of course you can Smoke Weed, If you choose to, no one will stop you because you will have just about total freedom.

Where is the money going to come from to make this Transition?

should this be even a  question? of course we are in a monetary system and it does take money to do many things, but as an entire race we need to say what is more important making a profit off of something or do we just do it because we need to? We should do it anyway because our future and our children's future depends on this transition.
There will be alot of volunteering and helping out from many people, which is occuring at this very moment. Maybe there will be an award ceremony for the ones who contributing to this new world, while the ones who didn't will be lost in they're own guilt for not helping. Then again a medal wouldn't mean too much, it would be the pride and love that people will feel for making a difference in they're world for making that difference.

Do we have to rebuild all the schools and transform our educational system to?

How are we going to communicate in an RBE?

New advances in communication is on the rise and as in an RBE there will be a new way of communicating. Now with language we will probably have universal communicators like in Star TRek, but there will be other ways of communicating as well. Telepathic communication will grow and evolve, with the help and use of Technology. I'm sure at the time we will all have to learn 2 languages, one for your own country and one for our world, which for now it is english.

What if the machines and robots break down?
Until Robots can fix them selves it will be up to us to monitor and repair any damaged machines and robots. I'm sure in a RBe it won't take long before Self Repairing robots will be  a reality.

What about laundry in an RBE?
Laundry machines will probably be updated and more advanced, when the time comes. As well as your cloths will might be more self cleaning, possibly. I'm sure there will be many different advances in this arena.

How do we stop greedy people?
You can't stop them, You can only work on your self, people are going to be greedy, but over time they will learn not to be greedy in an RBE because there will be no point in wanting so much stuff. It is the system we are in that creates Greedy people. When they see everyone enjoying life without having alot of things they to will change.

How can we share everything on the planet?

First and foremost no one owns anything, we all are part of this world, so we all must share for the common good of all people. It is not easy for some because of how they have grown in a life style of luxery and fame. It won't be easy for ones who are homeless as well. We create these divisions amongst us from the things we have, and the labels we give our selves. Until we can learn and grow up from our old thinking patterns and get over the greed and hording. We have to learn to accept everyone and to learn to share everything we have with one another. It is ok to accept things as it is to give things. We have plenty of resources, technology, and food to go around to everyone. NO one should be living in the streets, or inside a cave because someone else can live in a Mansion, or a gigantic yahct.

Most people just want a place to live, food to eat, water to drink and cloths on they're back. That is the main majority of what people really need. You have to expeirence sharing to actually understand the concept of sharing. So go out there and try it, it won't kill you to try, and see how you feel when you can give to another.
You will feel extreme delight and pleasure to see a smile on someone's face because that is what we all want to see smile's on everyone's Faces.

What about language in an RBE?

Language would change into an universal Language, One language for the whole world, instead of all these multiple languages. Now they do change over time, but that will be a learning curve for us how the language will grow and evolve like everything else. It is how we perceive our reality that creates the language we use, as well as the people we hang around with.

Will there be one Language in an RBE?

Yes there has to be one Language, but Language evolves over a period of time, it never stays the same. I feel that many of us will devellop new ways on communicating with one another. Technology will also be very helpful when the universal communicators can finally become a reality like from Star trek. We aren't that very far off from that now. Numbers, pictures and symbols will be other ways of communicating since some of us use them now. So Language will develop over time while we are in an RBE. One day we might be just thinking of talking to someone and we can communicate with them across the globe using technology.

What about the spiritual aspect about life in an RBE?

This will occur once everyone has the basic needs, people will look more from within themselve to find answers because once you've tried every religion or spiritual practice out there, then you will come to the conclusion that you must go within to find Answers. I know this to be true but i still have a hard time listening to my own inner guidence. It is not an easy thing to do, but we all must stop looking outside of our selves and look more within. Our minds is such a mistery and wouldn't you want to know who you really are not just the mask and suit that you wear.

What about Healthcare in an RBE?

Who will do the surgeries in an RBE?

What if someone gets sick or gets a Virus in an RBE?

How will this end War?

When there is no profit to be made then there are no Wars, If everyone has all the Resources they need then there will be no need to attack another country for they're resources and steel it from them. As for Religion and wars that will take a while before all of us start agreeing we have to love one another, not worshiping a messiah and waiting for his return, or fighting against someone because his or her belief is different then they'res.

Wars are also started to kick start an Economy and get it back from a deep Depression, sadly that is the Wrong way to go because in the long run it will come back and hurt everyone not just a few people.

Will we still use oil and gasoline in the transition?

This i wouldn't know, but i'm guessing yes and no. During the Transition we will going to Alchol fuel and other alternative fuels until everything is built and finished while new and developing technologies can be introduced and put out there for the public use.

Can we live any where we want, even if we wouldn't want to live in one of these cities?

Yes you sure can, there will be no force to make you live where you don't want to live.

What about Video Games and Entertainment in an RBE?

I suppose Video games would evolve more towards educational games instead of the ones we have now. All they are showing is violence and that gets into the kid's heads and they think it is cool to blow someone away in a video game and some kids think that is cool so when they grow up they decide to go into the Military but find out the Real horrors of War and they are not in some Video game. I know because i was heavily into violent video games and was in the military. I'm not saying all video games are bad or horrible but if your playing violent video games you are thinking violent thoughts. The games of the future will be much more interactive and will be for Training and Educational purposes, and possibly some day we will be playing games in a Holodeck like in Star Trek.

What about space travel in an RBE?

What about Terrorism and how are we going to deal with that?

The War on Terror is fake, and there are no terrorists, only the ones that the governments trained, they are the real Terrorists, they are the ones pulling the strings, the big oil cartels, banking cartels, the shadow government and all them doing this to all of us to put us all in fear of Terror.  This will be something that will be phased out in time, once these people's families have food, shelter, and education. These men who do blow up buildings and markets are taking money and orders from men in suits. They make these promises for this so called terrorists where they would pay they're families alot of money to do they're biding and blow up themselves up, while they're families are being left in even more worse shape. It's a sick thing they are doing to these people, but that has to end.

What about religious fanatics and how are we going to deal with them?

Look at the Question for Religion up above. This will be the most difficult to explain this to them, because of how indoctrined they're beliefs are in they're sub conscious minds. They just see things in Black and White and doesn't see the Shaded gray or the other colors. They are still people like you and me and we would have to treat them as equals and help them get over that old paradigm belief system.

How are we going to be doing laundry in an RBE?

 Is this the same as Communism, or socialism?

No it is not, Please visit the wiki sites down below and compare it to a Resource Based Economy You can also visit
Kapitalism101 on the front home page of this website, which Brendon is highly educated on Communism and Socialism.

What about drinking  beer and parting in an RBE?

People drink they're lives away because it is intoxicating and it helps them step out of the reality we live in. It causes many different problems from abuse, to car wrecks, and addictions. There is nothing decent or good to drink beer what so ever. Life is difficult and in an RBE if all our needs are met, and we can go any where, then there will be no need to drink and party all the time. Life will be so much more better in an RBE. Not that it won't be allowed, if you want to drink that will be fine, but in time, most people won't enjoy it anymore, and find it unnessecary to do so.

What are we going to do with the INternet in an RBE?

Well the internet in an RBE would be open and free to all who needs it, World wide wifi will be the norm. Communications would epand amongst us all on a global scale far beyond what is seen today. There will be no service fees, no taxes, no disconnections, no problems what so ever, because the internet will be our core system of information transfer. It will also be used for ordering and managing products, atleast until the replicators come out.




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