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Monetary system

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A monetary system secures the proper functioning of money by regulating economic agents, transaction types, and money supply.

Monetary systems are traditionally formed by the policy decisions of individual governments and administrated as a domestic economic issue.

The current trend, however, is to use international trade and investment to alter the policy and legislation of individual governments. The best recent example of this policy is the European Union's creation of the euro as a common currency for many of its individual states. Modern currencies are not linked to physical commodities (silver or gold) and are not a contract to deliver a good or service. As such the value of a currency fluctuates based on politics, perception and emotion in addition to monetary policy.

Apart from monetary systems based on money, there do also exist systems based on "favours". One example of this is the LETS system. LETS, or Local Exchange Trading Systems, are local community trading groups where members exchange their goods and services with each other.

What is money?

Money is not a bad thing, but it does control our lives on a daily basis whether we like to think about it or not. It keeps us enslaved to be in fear of not having enough to get by every day. If the dollar collapsed today there would be a major world wide panic. Infact that is still going to happen but it is up to us if we can handle a collapse of that magnitude and decide on something different.

Money does not grow trees but gets printed out of thin air by a private bank called the Federal Reserve, which i highly recommend watching Hyperinflation nation, zeitgeist addendum and money as debt. You can also check out the truth about the federal reserve and Irs to find out more.

We do need money to live, but do we? Is there other ways to get by, are we smart enough or creative enough to try something different?. That all depends on you, that all depends on how many people start to wake up to what is happening around the world and how this monetary system has enslaved us for such a long time.

IF your very religious and you hate all that porn being made, the only drive for porn is Money, the only drive for prostitution is money, the only drive for drugs are money, the only drive for war is money. If you still can't see this i'm sure hope you can because all of these will end when we finally abolish money world wide. Imagine that peace on earth without money.

Not only would this help end poverty, war and homelessness but this will also help give people more time to be with they're family and friends, more time to enjoy life, more time to help others, more time to make a difference, more time to play music, more time to grow food, more time to visit more places. Now what would be an incentive without money.

The incentive would drastically shift towards coroperation, smart management, Helping others, growing spiritually, learning more about your self, More importantly it would transform the incentive for money to making life easier for everyone to live.

The goal or incentive for people will be to make each and everyone's lives more enjoyable, comfortable, secured, and fun. We will also be making sure the Earth is at a total balance of health, while we care for our selves. We all must change our behavior on how to see reality not by Avoiding reality and letting it go, because it just will come back to you.

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