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Information The Government Does Not Want Its Citizens To Know

            There are several reasons for the secrecy behind advanced alternative energy technology. Most of the reasons involve the very large oil companies and their greed for power and money. Power and money pretty much sums up the two main forces that are driving the energy industry, which is the biggest industry in the world. The oil industry which controls the world’s power supply makes a around 6 trillion dollars per year. This is bigger than drugs, bigger than defense and bigger than the military. These companies are so big that “they regulate the government which regulates them.” This pretty much means that these companies are so big and powerful that they do not have to answer to anybody and can do whatever they want, as long as no one hears about anything.

            First let me begin by informing you that there are several advanced energy technologies that have been independently developed by several people who realize there are a lot of things that most people do not know about. If one were to research the work of Nikola Telsa, one would find a lot of information regarding some of his "crazy" energy technologies and ideas for abundant and cheap energy for the entire world. Nikola Telsa is the man who is given credit for creating the alternating current (AC Power). However, this is only the tip of an iceberg when compared to the rest of his advanced technologies. Nikola Telsa was a man who was thought of as a "mad scientist" with "crazy ideas." It is interesting to find, however, that all of Nikola Tesla's "crazy" ideas actually worked and were performed by Nikola Tesla himself in his "mad laboratory." Nikola Telsa had ideas of wirelessly transmitting energy in a usable form. Radio waves are in a sense a form of energy. They are in a frequency range that can not be heard or seen, while the visible light spectrum, being a very small part of the whole spectrum, can be seen. Everything that can be seen is in an energy frequency range which varies from 4 to 7 nm. This range is just a dot on the rest of the frequencies which things can run at. For example, a microwave runs at wave lengths which are much larger than the light spectrum, with radio waves being even bigger. Frequency and wave length are related in that the longer a wavelength is the shorter the frequency, very high frequency things such as gamma rays and x-rays would have very short wavelengths. Picture the wave in motion through space. If the wave length were very short, then there would be a lot of waves in a short distance, which would create a high frequency. A very long wave would have a smaller frequency because the waves are much larger and do not hit an object as fast as a short frequency with small waves.


            Nikola Telsa is given credit for discovering and patenting his work on transmitting information through wireless means such as a radio, but most of his work is still not known by most. Tesla was successful in being able to transmit information in the form of tuning into the radio, or for a TV signal, or even for telecommunications between continents. His radio technology is also used in cell phones, blue tooth technology, and wireless radios for laptops. All of these technologies work. Well, obviously I am on my laptop with wireless internet as I am typing this; however, what most people do not know is the fact that there are a lot of other uses of this technology as well as a lot of other Telsa technology that many have never even thought possible. Nikola Tesla knew a lot about electricity and was testing all sorts of things. Nikola Telsa tried to build a few energy transmission towers which would transmit energy wirelessly to any point. This experiment was successful and for the first time in history Nikola Telsa made several large light bulbs light up in mid air with no connection to any power source (The power source was wireless). It is a known fact that this experiment occurred and was successful, yet I am willing to bet that more than 98% of the world’s people do not have a clue about this fact and the more advanced technology that would come after this experiment.


        After this experiment Nikola Telsa did a lot of work using very high frequency and very low frequency range radio waves and found that some waves carried more energy than others. Nikola Telsa also experimented with unprecedented amounts of electricity with both very high voltage and currencies. It is theorized that a lot of the technologies that Nikola Telsa had developed in the 1920s have now been mastered and used in secrecy by the United States Army. As a matter of fact, it is a very interesting subject to research and study for there is a lot to learn in the realm of advanced technologies. This is the reason for making this site. Through my own research, I began to discover a lot of things which were undeniably true and yet know one has herd anything about it, which is what has brought me to create this website.

Common Alternative Energy Sources

There are many different alternative energy solutions, some more common than others, some are very exotic, and some are even unherd of. In this section I will be focusing on the common alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, geothermal power, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, tidal power, and biodiesel.

Wind Power:


Wind Power makes a great solution because the technology is available, it is cost competitive, and in a system they can create a decent amount of power. The negative side of wind power is that some people find them to be very big, noisy, and unattractive. This is funny because a lot of other people think they look cool and are beautiful, not to mention the wonderful fact that they are a renewable energy source that will never run out of fuel. As long as there is a place with wind, there is a potential to have wind energy. 

Solar Power:

Solar Power is a great solution because it captures energy from the sun. Unlike wind power where the wind may not be as heavy on certain days and could be unreliable, solar energy is. Every day the sun comes up from the sky and provides the earth with light in the form of energy. This energy can be captured through solar panels. Solar panels are very reliable and if in a system they can produce a decent amount of electricity. The negative sides to solar power is the fact that they do not produce to much electricity and the solar panel technology is still pretty expensive when compared to the much cheaper, but more harmful sources of energy such as coal and oil.

Geothermal Power:


Geothermal Power would make an excellent alternative energy solution because it is very reliable, it is renewable, and it is very cost competitive. Wait what? That sounds like the perfect alternative energy solution right? Well if there was enough hotspots then it would be. The only problem is there are not that many hotspots where geothermal power can be tapped into. There are a few places such as in yellow stone national park, but in terms of being able to make a geothermal power plant anywhere would be impossible. However, in the future as digging technology becomes better the reality of having geothermal become more popular is very probable. As a matter of fact, as more and more geothermal hotspots are discovered, the demand for the industry will only increase and when the industry increases so will the technology behind the digging process. Soon enough there will be machines that will be able to digg so deep into the earths crust that it would be possible to create a geothermal power plant that was as a big as a city and would be so big that with just the one plant alone, it could supply an entire country's worth of power demands.  

Nuclear Power:


Nuclear Power makes a great solution although it is not a renewable energy source because there is still a calculated around 2 mellniums plus of nuclear material which is used to make nuclear power. So although it does need a fuel, the fuel is very plentyful. Another reason that nuclear power makes a great solution is due to the fact that it is very very cheap and produces massive amounts of power with only using a tiny bit of fuel. There is a lot of fear being nuclear melt downs as well as the debate as to what happens to the nuclear waste, but as society progresses technology will only increase and soon enough radioactive waste will not be a hassle. As a matter of fact there is a lot of research going into the possibility of reusing the radioactive waste as fuel. Therefore the waste material would be recycled and used as fuel again and again until the waste was not harmful at all. So although nuclear is not a renewable energy source, through more research, it could become a clean and very cost competitive source of energy which could provide very convinient and massive amounts of energy.


Hydroelectric Power:


Hydroelectric Power like geothermal Power, is a very good alternative energy source. If the power plants could be put anywhere then they would be seen everywhere. The only problem is these plants can not be installed anywhere. Hydroelectric plants can only be installed in rivers with a fast moving current in order to make the plant worth while. Besides the limitations as to where the plants can be in they are an excellent source of energy. Hydroelectric is very cost competitive, it is renewable, and it produces a good amount of electricity with respect to the motion of the water current. So if there is a place where hydroelectric can be utilized then utilize it, but like geothermal plants hydroelectric plants can only be installed in places where the instalation would be worth while and would result in a profit over time resulting in a good investment rather than costing to much and not producing enough to make money back.


Tidal Power:


Tidal Power would not make the best solution, although it is an interesting idea. If used in a system they could produce a decent amount of electricity, but they  are not  that common and are not cost competitive when compared to the more common types of alternative energy sources. However, if they are installed in an area were the current is pretty much constant and very strong they could substitute as a smaller version of the hydroelectric concept of using water motion to create electricity. If enough of these turbines were put into the water in the right places they could help contribute to the energy industry by providing a unique and renewable source of energy.




Biodiesel is not the best solution to the energy crisis, although it does offer a temporary solution to using fossil fuels as well as the fact that the fuel can be created from all sorts of things and does not have to rely on fossil fuels. Biodiesel would not be used to create electricity although it could, but biodiesel is a fuel that can be a substitute to fossil fuels. As of right now biodiesel is very expensive due to the lack of interest in the industry, but as more and more people start to realize that fossil fuels pollute, people will slowly start to switch to different fuel sources. Really the best solution would be to just have a car run off of pure electricity. As technology improves the cost of electricity will reduce to practically nothing and with clean and renewable energy plants around there will be no need to have a fuel such as gasoline or biodiesel. Cars could easily be made to just run off of pure energy from the grid and as battery technology increases along with charging time, electric cars could become the one and only solution. Think about it. In the future there will hopefully be mostly renewable energy power plants and so therefore the electricity that is being used will be clean. Now take that clean energy and plug it into your car. Now your car has a cheap fuel source which came from a clean source. The only problems with pure electric cars is the fact that they would not last that long off of one charge and charging time would take to long, but I am very confident that as battery technology increases this problem will be non exsistant. People will drive electric cars for a long period of time and as the power becomes low that person will be able to stop at a stop and charge store where they park their car and charge up while having a quick cup of tea or going to the bathroom. The reality behind electric cars is one that should be looked into further rather than this temporary bogus with corn ethanol and biodiesel. I use the word bogus because it was recently discovered that the energy that has to go into making corn ethanol exceeds that of the energy that one can get out of the corn ethanol which means that instead of getting a net gain of energy, there is a loss in energy, which makes it the worst solution.

Advanced Alternative Energy Technology- Free Energy

Bellow is an introduction to a lot of the problems behind the energy problems. I then later go on to explain some of the advanced technologies that are available as well as going further into the government secrecy.

        If more and more people became aware of the already available technologies ranging from the very complex ones to the understandable ones then some progress could be made in the search for an alternative energy source. Believe it or not, but there are several sources that are already available, which could be manufactured or used alone and would fix the problems. The problem, however, is getting the word out and going against the money and power of the world. Also, at first, the new technologies would be expensive due to the installment phase, but after several years the technology would become just as affordable if not a lot cheaper than the prices people have to pay right now.

        It is very true to say that the energy crisis is one of the world’s biggest issues for the future. The world absolutely has to find a solution and an alternative to fossil fuels and the dependence on their source, not only because fossil fuel supplies are running low, but also due to that fact that fossil fuels emit harmful gases that will deplete the ozone layer and cause damage to the earth and its inhabitants. When fossil fuels are burned and used, they emit tons and tons of harmful carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere. The carbon emissions collect in the upper atmosphere and create a greenhouse effect, which traps in the suns harmful rays and energy in the form of heat. This phenomenon is related to the issue of global warming, but really global warming has become a subject of fanatic discussion based upon no concrete information. While many agree that humans are dumping a lot of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere, it can not be concluded that this will cause a very drastic change in the earth. While it is very possible that there will be some changes, there is still not enough evidence to suggest the exact details of how things will change and to what really will happen. However, it is very true to say that carbon emissions trap in the earth’s harmful rays, which increases the risk of skin cancer, creates a “global warming” effect, and also creates more powerful storms (hurricanes).


        Also, one must take into consideration the vast amount of technology that the United States happens to have. The USA happens to have a “research instrument” named HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This instrument is so powerful that it could quite literally be engineered to control the weather and a lot of other things regarding the earth’s upper atmosphere. “HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "ionospheric heater." (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.) Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antennas send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead” (Begich, Nick).


        Besides HAARP there are also many other more practical and believable solutions such as the possibility of flooding the world’s oceans with Phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is a type of organism which takes in CO2 and releases oxygen as a byproduct. It is very possible to install a large number of phytoplankton, which could easily be used to remove a lot of undesired CO2 gas, so much CO2 could be removed that it could be used to take out any amount desired. So the truth is that even if global warming is as bad as some think, there are many solutions that it is not even that big of a problem, however, the continuing use of fossil fuels is. So for the sake of global warming fanatics or to anyone who knows fossil fuels will not last more than a few hundred years, something must be done anyway.


        Now allow me to dive deeper into some more misconceptions and things that most people simply do not think about or are not aware of. Many people think that the reason the world has not seen any change in the use of alternate energy fuels is because the alternative energy technology is not that available or is not reliable and tested to work. Many think that the technology is still in the “development” phase and that the reason it is not being used everywhere is because it is not ready. This is very false and not only are all the old technologies available, but there are a vast amount of new energy forms that are very complex and would take many years before people would even consider believing in their potential power. For example, one can look no further than Nikola Tesla- Nikola Tesla was considered a mad scientist during his time period for his brain was hundreds of years into the future of technology and could not be comprehended by the mainstream public. Tesla had ideas of creating wireless energy broadcasting stations that could provide energy wirelessly to the entire earth. He is also the man who is credited for finding the alternating current as well as cell phone wireless technology, radio technology and any other wireless device. He experimented with high currents, voltages, and large electromagnetic fields. Tesla discovered things and understood concepts that are still being kept a secret to this day, for our government is now fully aware of Tesla Technologies (http://www.teslatech.info).


        Nonetheless the point is there are several technologies that are available and have not only been through the innovation and development period, but have also been tested and proven to work. Now one may ask if this is true then why am I not seeing this technology being used. The reason the world has not seen any major changes is very simple, power and money. People do not like to spend a lot of money and try to conserve as much of it as possible. People are so greedy that all they think about is the “now” and the short term and not the long term. If people can keep paying as little as possible, then they are happy and do not care about the future generation... never mind the several generations after that. They simply want the cheapest source of energy which happens to be oil. Oil is so popular because its use dates back to when the automobile was invented. When cars were invented the source of fuel was gas and so therefore the industry in oil took off. This industry then grew and turned into the largest industry in the world, turning trillions upon trillions of dollars per year. It then became the largest source of energy for the entire world, especially for more primitive countries. Now coal is in the rankings as well because again coal is very cheap and it is very primitive to create energy from. The process pretty much just involves burning coal which creates steam to turn a turbine- it’s not nuclear physics. So besides coal I will focus on the oil industry because that is where the term power comes in. Also keep in mind that oil is used to make gasoline which is used in most transportation systems and cars as well as in heating systems. 

        It is a very true statement to say that whoever controls the energy- the way we get around, the way we power our homes, the source that keeps us warm in the winter- has the power of the people. If one can control the energy they can therefore have control of the people, which is exactly what is happening today. The major oil companies have so much power and greed that they want to continue the use of oil for as long as possible for their profits only become larger as the supplies diminish. They are making more and more while at the same time the rest of the world has to pay more and more. Also they are polluting the earth and causing harm to people and the earth every day. They do a very good job at hiding the truth about the possibilities of alternative energies and are very much aware of truth behind the real possibilities, for they are the ones who pretty much have control of the people and information. If everyone knew that right now there was technology available that could be manufactured within a year and made available to everyone wouldn't that industry boom and become the next revolution in Energy? It would be true, only unfortunately these oil companies have so much power that “they regulate the government which regulates them”(Free Energy Another Inconvenient Truth). There have been several people who have tried to develop new technologies and have been very successful...only later to find themselves being murdered or having their technology confiscated and threatened to keep it a secret (If you don't believe this- do some research). However, some have managed to develop their technology and have been able to make it publicly aware enough that if something did happen to them, or their energy machines, people would know about it. Therefore they have managed to protect themselves through awareness and so no one can do much about it, right? Wrong. All the government has to do is quickly debunk their concepts, claiming it is a hoax and is scientifically impossible and is therefore invalid, which has happened for hundreds of years. For an example, look at Galileo. He had to recant his idea that the earth was not the center of the universe because at the time religion would not allow such heresy. Unfortunately, the government is very good at shutting down and debunking the ideas of people who have come close to exposing the truth about advanced energy technology and so that is another large reason as to why the technology is not being manufactured everywhere and why most people don't even know anything about it...


        One of these brilliant new energy forms involves a concept of free energy and luckily there are a few people who have managed to protect themselves and have managed to raise the awareness of the possibilities and concepts. That is why one can actually find a decent amount of information regarding free energy and exotic energy forms considering the fact that the government and power is in full swing to keep every major technology a secret. Free energy is just one of the several technologies that could be used and manufactured alone to already fix the problems. I am not talking about the common solutions such as solar and wind, but more the exotic energies, although Wind, solar, geothermal, and nuclear could also be used. However, free energy is special. Free energy is special because it has the ability to provide a continuous amount of energy for a period of time that can not even be calculated and is thought to be infinite. As long as magnets can be made, a free energy machine can also be made.


        So if a free energy machine could be made it would be able to supply the world with enough energy for any amount of time desired. The theory behind free energy also states that it could be manufactured in a system, theoretically the limit to its power capacity is also infinite. If you think about the concept it makes sense. The way a free energy machine works is by putting in less energy than the machine produces and so therefore there is an overall energy gain. The efficiency could run at values at around 300% efficiency if not more and so if you keep getting more energy output, by not putting in much energy then you could connect one free energy machine's output to a bigger energy machine as an input power. That new input power would then run the bigger free energy machine which could then connect to an even bigger one and so therefore the possibility of having a very large sum of energy is very possible by connecting a large system of energy machines, or it is also just as easy to create one huge free energy machine that is so big that it could provide a very large amount of power such as a nuclear power plant.


        One company that is developing a free energy machine is STEORN with their Orbos (http://www.steorn.com/orbo/technology).  There are also a few others that have been developed such as the N-Machine and perhaps Joseph Newman's energy machine, but more interesting are the ones that are already up and running such as one in Austria-Hungary and other small communities that live off of the technology. So the possibilities of having an alternative to a clean, cheap, energy source is very realistic and not only is true, but if enough people become aware of the possibilities then there could be a lot of progress in the realm of  reaching a change and revolution in the way humans obtain as well as use energy. So it is going to be up to real patriots who counter the government, secret societies, and world power in order to spread their knowledge and technology with the rest of the word in order to revolutionize and unite the world with peace.

Bellow are pictures of Free Energy Machines






All of these machines are real free energy machines and so as you can see there are a lot of people who have tried to make and promote the concepts behind their free energy machines. If you truly do not believe in this technology and find all of the concepts to be a hoax then I challenge you to do your own research so you can find out for yourself that a lot of hidden technologies that may seem fake are really in fact valid. 

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