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The Venus Project talk

Talk on the Venus Project, to learn more about the Venus Project

6 Sep 9, 2013
Reply by Aaron

Natural Drug tips

Learning natural drug taking and other tips and ideas

8 Apr 3, 2011
How to Grow Marijuana and the History of it
by Aaron

Monetary System

Learning everything about the Economic system of the use of Money

1 Sep 15, 2013
Reply by Stefaan Snauwaert

Technological Unemployment

Talk about the TEch unemployment

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NEWS: Technology

Post any news that comes up about Technology

1 May 20, 2010
Memory-foam battery concept lets you go from AA to D
by Aaron

NEWS: Economy

Post news about the Economy

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NEWS: Health

Talk about new developments in Health, and Technological health.

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Website issues

Discussion about any problems about the Website or how can we fix it to make it better

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Acitivism Talk and Meetings

This discussion is about tips and ideas on what we can do to help The Venus Project get exposure and other ideas. This can be expanded

1 Jul 20, 2013
[MIXTAPE] Cherine - JA 9.25
by Mixtape Distribution

Healing technologies

Here will be talk about Technologies that are new that can help facilitate healing.

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Free Energy

Here would be talk about energy systems, fuel and other alternative uses of Energy. Tips and ideas on how to build and other ways.

1 Jul 31, 2011
New Energy Technology "John Searl" Magentic device
by Aaron

Religion and Spirituality

Here would be discussions on your spiritual background or religious group.

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Ufo's ET's and Disclosure Talk

Talk about aliens and UFo Disclosure

3 May 30, 2011
Mr Es SV1 Stanton Friedman & Jesse Marcel Jr Reunion Monday at 9:00pm Pacific
by Mr E the Stranger

Shadow Government talk

Any discussions about the global elite groups or the Shadow groups within politics, banks, and corporate interests.

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9/11 talk

any discussions relating to the entire 9/11 subject

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